Transfer Process

2018 Registration has closed. 2019 Registration is now open.

A referee certified for the current year in any other state will need to complete the transfer process to Cal South if they plan to officiate more than one weekend in Southern Califrnia for Cal South santioned games. Once the following list has been completed, you will be transfered to Cal South, placed on our Registered Officials List and be mailed out a Cal South referee identification card.

Step 1

Register and pay the $20 transfer payment for each certification type. When you reach the screen where it asks what type of referee you are, please make sure to select "Transfer" instead of entering your grade during this process. For step by step instructions on how to register please Click Here.

Click here to pay.

Step 2

Make sure to upload a current picture of yourself during the registration process in Step 1. If you missed that opportunity, you can upload your picture by logging into your referee profile. 

For instructions on how to do that, click here.

Step 3

Have your previous SRA foward a letter or email verifying that you were in good standing with them.

Step 4 (For Legal Adults Only)

If you are 18 years old or older you will need to adhere to our KIDSAFE Risk Management Program. All legal adults must have their fingerprints cleared by the Department of Justice before they are allowed on the field with our youth. To complete this, you will need to download our live scan form which can be taken to any servicer. You can do a quick google search for "local live scan locations" and take your form to them. The cost will range anywhere from $15-$30. Keep your copy of the live scan form after the service is done until you have confirmation we have received your results. On average it takes from 1-14 days to receive results back from the Department of Justice. We will update your referee profile as soon as that clearance comes in.

Click here for our live scan form

Once all items above have been completed, please email so that we can approve your transfer and mail out your Cal South referee identification card.

If you have any further questions you can email