Looking for quality soccer tournaments? Look for the official Cal South "Sanctioned Tournament" Seal of Approval to guarantee you are entering a tournament that is professionally run and held accountable to a set of professional industry standards.

The Cal South "Sanctioned Tournament" Seal of Approval ensures:

  • All tournament fields and facilities are protected by the best insurance coverage in the industry.
  • All Cal South players are 100% covered with Accident/Medical Coverage (without the need for travel papers)
  • The tournament has satisfied all sanctioning requirements and must adhere to a professional set of standards
  • The tournament is affiliated with Cal South, Excellence In Soccer

Cal South provides tournament sanctioning to affiliates who have submitted a complete application and met all requirements. Any non-league matches in which fees are charged over and above the sharing of referee fees shall be considered a tournament and will require sanctioning. We support and encourage our affiliates to host a sanctioned tournmanent due to the various benefits we offer:


  • General Liability Insurance certificate for each sanctioned tournament at no added charge
  • Affiliate (League) President granted access to eCerts for all tournament field locations
  • For more information on insurance policies click here

Marketing & Promotion 

  • Use of Cal South Sanctioned Tournament Seal for display on tournament website
  • All approved tournaments receive an online listing on the Cal South website,, from the time approved through the completion of tournament (free upload of your tournament logo)
  • Access to promote to 22,000+ coaches and administrators through enhanced listings and tournament spotlight emails. For more information on advertising pricing and options, click here
  • Label Request Form: Mail advertisment to requested groups such as competitive teams, recreational teams, gender, administrators, age groups, districts, etc.



  • Coaches, administrators, and players trust our affiliates to organize and manage a successful tournament

Tournament Classifications
Sanctioned tournaments approved by Cal South after February 2014 are classified under the following:

Class I: Open to domestic youth teams affiliated with USSF and international teams affiliated with FIFA. 
Class II: Open to domestic youth teams affiliated with USSF.
Class III: Open to recreational youth teams affiliated with USSF.
Class IV: Small-sided tournaments (i.e. futsal, beach, etc.)
Class V: Open to affiliated youth teams within the hosting affiliate's Cal South district.