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TOPSoccer - What It Is and How to Get Involved
by Sandy Castillo | Cal South TOPSoccer Chair

Though the Cal South TOPSoccer program has been a part of the Southern California soccer scene for over twenty years now, we still get asked all the time about what it is and what we are trying to do. In the interest of letting as many people as possible know about our program and why it is vital that their communities get involved, here is a basic description of TOPSoccer and the steps you can take to join our mission.

The TOPSoccer Mission
TOPSoccer, which stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer, has been a part of Cal South since 1991. TOPSoccer is a community-based recreational program specifically designed to help athletes with physical and mental disabilities participate in soccer. Cal South's numerous TOPSoccer programs bring soccer to players who refuse to let their challenges stop them from playing the sport they love. The emphasis of this program is on development, training, and providing meaningful participation rather than on competition.

TOPSoccer provides affordable opportunities for fitness and building self-esteem. One-on-one assistance is available for those who are in need of it. TOPSoccer is an opportunity for the soccer community to come together and make a difference in the lives of all participants.

Cal South is dedicated to promoting the development of new programs or even individual teams of TOPSoccer players throughout Southern California. Cal South helps new programs by providing access to start-up and adaptive equipment. The ultimate goal is to enable the thousands of local athletes with disabilities to be valued and successful members of Cal South.

Volunteering with Cal South TOPSoccer
TOPSoccer programs are entirely dependent upon the power provided by volunteers. Volunteering brings more awareness and understanding to the special needs community. You can even receive community service hours by helping out a TOPSoccer program. But beyond the service hours, TOPSoccer is an opportunity to give your best by making a difference. It could be assisting on the pitch with soccer skills or just being a friend and cheerleader.

TOPSoccer relies heavily on help provided by "buddies." Anyone can be a TOPSoccer Buddy: parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or friends. It doesn't even matter if you have soccer experience. If you want to give back to your community and help this vastly under-served part of our population get the chance to participate in soccer, TOPSoccer is the place for you.

If you want to take it a step further, why not become a coach? It's easy, and there is a US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Coaching Certification Course available free of cost.

Programs & Events
Cal South TOPSoccer has programs running throughout Southern California. To see a full list of programs or to find one that would be the perfect fit for you and your child, please click here.

Several Cal South TOPSoccer programs hold annual festivals, round-robin tournaments and other events designed to bring awareness to the availability of TOPSoccer in their communities. In addition to regular league play, annual festivals and TOPSoccer Days are co-sponsored by Cal South and JUSA, La Jolla and Santa Margarita Catholic High School. These events are filled with soccer, love of the game and laughter.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can begin your involvement in TOPSoccer. If you wish to learn more or have questions, want to start a TOPSoccer program within your league or are interested in volunteering, you can always contact us at 657-378-8606 or

Come join us in the FUN!

Congratulations to Cal South for 25 years of TOPSoccer in Southern California! Special recognition goes to all the players, parents, volunteers, leagues, clubs and Sandy Castillo, Cal South TOPSoccer Chair, for the programs success over the years!