The District Commissioners must approve renewing Clubs/Leagues applications before they are presented to the Cal South Board for approval

Important Note: Gaining access to the 2016-17 Seasonal Year will be dependent on completing the requirements and receiving District Commissioner approval.


  • Application fees are non-refundable.

Affiliate Member Board and VIP Contact List Update Form
This form is used by affiliate member leagues and clubs to help Cal South keep the most current contact information regarding VIPs and board members within such organizations. Once completed please save and email to


In order for renewal to be approved you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Payment of Affiliate Member Application fee. ($100.00)
  2. You must be in Good Standing with Cal South. Click here for Cal South Good Standing Policy.
  3. Current and completed Member Board and VIP Contact List. (If there have been any changes within the last 6 months please submit an up-to-date list)
  4. Current Affiliate Bylaws and/or Rules and Regulations on file with Cal South.
  5. A minimum of five (5) teams registered by September 1st of each year and have all players in their organization registered with Cal South during each year/season.
  6. Active incorporation status with State of California (CA Secretary of State) as a public benefit non-profit corporation.
  7. Active IRS 501(c)3 Tax Exemption status (US Department of the Treasury).
  8. Any and all prior financial obligations due to Cal South must be satisfied (applies to renewals).

Each Affiliate member bears the responsibility of keeping all requirements on file current with Cal South. 

Municipalities having their own local government; the Department of Recreation and Parks and other government agencies applying for new or renewal membership may have requirements 6 and 7 waived by the Cal South Board. The Organization shall comply with all the requirements of Section 1 with the exemptions listed above. This is only valid when forming recreational soccer programs serving the immediate community.

1.Tax exempt status.

2.Affiliation that will only include a recreational soccer program serving the organization’s immediate community.

To submit any of the above documents or if you have any questions, please provide your contact info along with your League Name and District League Number to or call 714-451-1514.


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