Release & Transfer Process for Registrars

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Cal South Release and Transfer Process Instructions
A Step-by-Step Guide for Affiliate Member Registrars
Step 1

In order to login to your affiliate member account, please go to and locate the Member Central Area on the center-right side of the page.

Click the button that says "Youth Soccer Login."

Step 2

The second step will require you to sign in with the registrar account that has been provided to you by a Cal South League Account Management Department.

Step 3

Understanding "Alerts"
Alerts are cues that a release or transfer is pending your review and approval.

Step 4

Alert Action Link
Click on "Go" and proceed with the review and approval process.

Step 5

Approval Process
Please choose your responses to the requested release or transfer using these steps:


a) Please make sure to mark either the "Yes" or "No" buttons in the section regarding whether or not a player pass has been collected.


b) If a player's pass was not collected, please make sure to leave detailed comments.

Step 6

After selecting either the "Approved" or "Contested" button regarding release or transfer approval (and making sure that you have marked whether or not the player pass was collected), simply click the "Update" button.

During the Fall Roster Freeze period, a release with an accompanying transfer may be contested. If contested, the parent may appeal.

• The Fall Season roster freeze period is from August 1st through the 1st Monday after Thanksgiving

• A Release and Transfer is only allowed during this time period when initiated online by the parent and uncontested by both the releasing and incoming club

- There is a maximum of 7 days for the releasing registrar to contest the transfer request online, otherwise the request is deemed approved

• If contested, the parent may appeal. The parent must initiate the appeal process within 3 days and pay the $100 appeal fee (refundable if transfer is granted on appeal). Otherwise, the transfer is denied

• IMPORTANT NOTE: Your local competitive leagues (CSL, Presidio, SCDSL, Central Coast, Bakersfield, LA Futbol Circuit) may have more restrictive player transfer policies. These policies will take precedence during their respective season

Step 7

Your release or transfer is now waiting for approval by Cal South.

a) After the release or transfer has been reviewed and approved, emails to the parent and registrar(s) will be automatically generated by the Cal South Online Registration System.



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Frequently Asked Questions by Registrars about the Release and Transfer Process