Parents and the Cal South Online Release and Transfer Process

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As the parent of a soccer player, you should be aware of our release and transfer process. What is a release and transfer? The formal request to move from one team to another within the same seasonal year.

Within the Cal South Rules and Regulations, a player rostered to a team is bound to that team for the entire seasonal year unless the player requests a transfer or is released.

There is a $25 Transfer fee for completing the release and transfer process which must be paid directly to the incoming league or club.

It is the parent's responsibility to initiate the release and transfer process online and to make sure they contact the coaches of both the releasing and incoming teams.

It is the responsibility of the registrar to collect the player pass and indicate during the online release and transfer process whether or not the Player Pass was collected.

Once the parent has initiated the release and transfer process online, a set of emails and alert notifications will be sent to the registrar and Cal South. Upon final approval by Cal South, the parent and the registrar will receive an email notification. Once the parent has received the approval notification, they should then contact the registrar of their new club or league to ensure that a new Cal South Player Pass is generated.


Release and Transfers During the Fall Roster Freeze Period

If your release and transfer will occur during the Fall Roster Freeze period between August 1 and the first Monday after Thanksgiving, the process will remain largely the same, but with the following exceptions:

• A Release and Transfer is only allowed during this time period when initiated online by the parent and uncontested by both the releasing and incoming club

• There is a maximum of 7 days for the releasing registrar to contest the transfer request online, otherwise the request is deemed approved

• If contested, the parent may appeal. The parent must initiate the appeal process within 3 days and pay the $100 appeal fee (refundable if transfer granted on appeal). Otherwise, the transfer is denied.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: Your local competitive leagues (CSL, Presidio, SCDSL, Central Coast, Bakersfield, LA Futbol Circuit) may have more restrictive player transfer policies. These policies will take precedence during their respective season.


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