Release & Transfer Frequently Asked Questions for Registrars

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1) Where do I begin the Release and Transfer process?

a) Please go to and select "Youth Soccer Login ."
b) For a detailed step-by-step process, please visit

2) What are the alerts on the system and what do they mean?

Alerts are notifications that a pending release and/or transfer awaits your timely review and approval.

3) I keep receiving notifications that a release or transfer has been initiated. What does this mean?

This is your cue that a release or transfer is awaiting your review and approval.

4) As a certified registrar, is it my responsibility to collect a player's pass when a release or transfer is requested for that player?

Yes. It is important that the player's pass is collected or destroyed by the releasing Registrar please mark the "Yes" button if the player pass was collected and destroyed

5) What if the player pass was lost or destroyed?

Please make sure to mark the "No" button to indicate the card was not collected. Under "Comments," please make sure a detailed reason is stated.

6) A parent says they forgot or lost their username and password. How can I help?

You can assign the parent a username and password by locating the parent profile in the Cal South Registration System.

7) How do I contact another league or club registrar?

a) Use the Find-A-League ( on the Cal South website. Locate your league or club, click on their name, and it will take you to their website, where you can find the contact info for their registrar.
b) Contact the Cal South Corporate Office for further assistance.

8) What are the options after a player has been released?

A Tournament Pool Pass may be requested by parents via their District Commissioner or the Cal South Corporate Office.

9) Will I be notified when release or transfer approvals are completed?

When a release or transfer has been approved by Cal South, an automated email is sent to the registrar's email listed in her/his profile, both the existing primary parent or guardian's email address and to the registrar's email.

10) Will I be notified if a release or transfer has been initiated by the parent?

Yes by alerts in the Cal South Registration System and by email.

11) As a certified registrar, may I initiate the process on my behalf of the parent/guardian?

There will be instances when accessing the system may be problematic for a parent, which may necessitate your assistance. However, a release may be initiated by another person only upon the express, written consent of the player through their parent/guardian. The written consent must be evidenced by an email or written document authorizing the initiation of a release. [Rule 1.5.4, Cal South Rules and Regulations (amended)]

12) How long will the approval process take?

1. If it is a release without an accompanying transfer it may take 1-5 business days.
2. If it is a release with an accompanying transfer it may take 1-10 business days.

13) A message appeared during the process: "Transferring team is currently not accepting transfers! What does this mean?

This may be caused by transfer limits, blackout dates, etc. Please make sure to contact your league or club registrar or the Cal South League Account Management Department for further guidance.

14) What about releases and transfers during the Fall Roster Freeze period?

Releases and transfers may occur during the Fall Roster Freeze period.

• The Fall Season roster freeze period is from August 1st through the 1st Monday after Thanksgiving.

• A Release and Transfer is only allowed during this time period when initiated online by the parent and uncontested by both the releasing and incoming club

• There is a maximum of 7 days for the releasing registrar to contest the transfer request online, otherwise the request is deemed approved

• If contested, the parent may appeal. The parent must initiate the appeal process within 3 days and pay the $100 appeal fee (refundable if transfer granted on appeal). Otherwise, the transfer is denied.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: Your local competitive leagues (CSL, Presidio, SCDSL, Central Coast, Bakersfield, LA Futbol Circuit) may have more restrictive player transfer policies. These policies will take precedence during their respective season.

15) How does the Appeals process work?

a) The request for an appeal shall be initiated by the player through the completion of the electronic Player Transfer Appeal Form to Cal South within three (3) days of notification that the request is contested. The reason for requesting an appeal must be clearly and fully stated.

b) If no timely appeal is initiated within the three (3) day period, the transfer request shall be denied.

c) A $100.00 fee payable to Cal South must accompany requests for appeals. In the event the contested transfer is allowed, the account of the contesting releasing club shall be charged the $100.00 fee and the appealing player shall receive a refund of the appeal fee. The accepting club, if the transfer is approved, shall be charged a transfer fee as determined and published by Cal South.

d) Cal South may, but is not required, to hold a hearing on the appeal in its sole discretion. If it is determined that a hearing is necessary, the parties shall be informed of the date and time of the hearing and shall be given five (5) minutes per side to present their position. If a party does not intend to present oral argument that party shall notify Cal South. The parties shall be notified by Cal South of the decision on the appeal.


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