Release and Transfer Appeals Process

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Cal South Release and Transfer Appeal Process Instructions
Step 1

If your release has been contested by the releasing club, you may initiate the Appeal process by clicking here. You can also access the page by clicking on the link in the email you received from the Cal South Registration System when your release was contested.

Once on the page

Step 2

Once on the page, use the same username and password with which you originally initiated the Release and Transfer Process.

If you have since forgotten your username and password, please click the "Forgot UserName / Password" link and fill in the basic information. Your password will then be sent directly to your personal email account.

Step 3

Logging in takes you immediately to the Primary Contact page for your account. Click on the "Continue" button.

Step 4

Select the player's name involved in the contested release by clicking the "Register" button on the line containing his/her name.

Step 5

On the "Register Event" page, check the "Appeal Submission" box.

Step 6

Once you check the "Appeal Submission" box, your personal information opens up. In the "Event Additional Information" section, type in the reason for your appeal. Then click the "Save" button.

Step 7

Once you have saved, the system will return you to your Account page. Click the "Continue" button.

Step 8

Click the "Agree & Continue" button.

Step 9 

Select your Payment method to pay the Appeals fee of $100.

[Rule A $100.00 fee payable to Cal South must accompany requests for appeals. In the event the contested transfer is allowed, the account of the contesting releasing club shall be charged the $100.00 fee and the appealing player shall receive a refund of the appeal fee. The accepting club, if the transfer is approved, shall be charged a transfer fee as determined and published by Cal South.]

Step 10

Once paid, print your receipt. Then you can log out.

Cal South may, but is not required, to hold a hearing on the appeal in its sole discretion. If it is determined that a hearing is necessary, the parties shall be informed of the date and time of the hearing and shall be given five (5) minutes per side to present their position. If a party does not intend to present oral argument that party shall notify Cal South. The parties shall be notified by Cal South of the decision on the appeal.