Registered Officials List


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2018 Registered Officials List RM Approved

2018 Registered Officials List RM Approved

2019 Registered Officials List RM Approved

2019 Registered Officials List RM Approved

Current Certification Year is 2019. Registration period for 2018 in now closed.

2019 Referee Registration Period is now open!

The last day to submit certification requirements to Cal South for 2018 was June 14th, 2018

The Registered Officials Lists shown above provides a listing of all currently registered referees. To officiate youth matches, you must show up as "Approved" in the Risk Management Status column of the list. There has been a change to listing requirements.

All referees MUST be Risk Managed Approved and have uploaded a picture to your referee profile to be approved as certified and listed above.

USSF ID cards are NOT a requirement to obtain game assignments as it will take several months to receive the membership card.

Please note:
- If you need information of the status of your USSF ID card, please contact Laura Dudoit at
      ** If your name does not have a USSF ID number that is because your name has not been turned in to USSF. Once submitted in the report, your ID Number will be generated.