Instructor Education

Cal South Instructor Training, Development, Advancement, and Mentoring

The newly installed Cal South Referee Instruction and Instructor Development staff is a committed group of highly experienced veteran referee instruction administrators, with a proven record for quality and dedicated service to our referees in Cal South and the game.

This group, under the direction of State Director of Instruction (SDI) Arturo Angeles, will once again bring the standards of referee instructions and instructors to the highest level within the US Soccer referee development community. This will set the trend in developing top quality instructors, who, in turn, will help develop the highest quality referees for the game that is loved by millions in this country and around the globe.

Program Vision:
The program will train and retrain instructors to train, instruct, and improve assessors, assignors and referees to provide the best referees for the game.

Program Mission:
Instructors will, by example and practice, model the highest professional standards for the game. They will be expected to continually study and present material and experiences to keep the referees current with the latest regulations, directives and procedures expected of themselves, the officials and the game.

Program Expectations:
All instructors are expected to perform within the guidelines of the US Soccer National Program for Referee Development and within the "team" concept that is implemented and lead by the SDI within Cal South.

The goals and expectations of the Cal South Referee Program and the SDI are:

• To motivate and rejuvenate the existing core of instructors within Cal South
• To present yourself, the Cal South referee instruction program and the US Soccer referee program with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and respect
• To practice the concept of "teamwork" and to be a team player
• To be a willing party in constantly updating knowledge of the game, while also consistently improving your instructor skills
• To educate and update the quality of referee instruction within our R9, R8, Re-Cert, Upgrade, and Special Saturday referee training sessions
• To produce top quality REFEREES for the game at all levels
• To improve the referee 'attitude" across the state to establish a better relationship between all involved parties in the game
• To implement a program for coaches within Cal South to understand the "referee" and the Laws of the Game for a better playing environment for all players in Cal South
• To create opportunities for all instructors within Cal South for advancement and for showcasing their instructional talents in bigger settings
• To put the differences aside and work side by side with all instructors of all abilities for the good of the game
• To practice "fair play" in all areas of the game, including our referee instruction.

Cal South Referee Program and Instructor Education Staff:

Jeremy Swan R9
Nathaniel Nyema Entry Level (Grade 8)
Jeremy Swan Competitive Leagues Referee Re-Certification
TBD Recreational Leagues Referee Re-Certification
Len Novak Upgrade, all levels
Lee Popejoy Instructor & Assignor Education
Randall Reyes Non-English Speaking Referees and Instructors
Alex Sterling Technical Support

Please contact Arturo Angeles, SDI at, 626.354.7239 or Lee Popejoy at, 858.748.6520 if you have any further questions.

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