Beach Soccer & Futsal Referee Training

Beach Soccer:
Southern California's climate, along with the attractive beaches, provides a great environment for beach soccer to be a sport for all ages and genders. The popularity of this game is on the rise in our state. There are numerous beach soccer tournaments planned annually around sunny Southern California beaches from South Bay to San Diego.

On the global scale, FIFA has recently recognized beach soccer as an "official" game and has established continental championships that ends in a Beach Soccer World Cup played every two years. US Soccer has also recognized beach soccer as a legitimate competition and is in the process of developing materials for referee education. Cal South has taken an active role in being among the very first states to begin training referees who will be eligible to participate in beach soccer as referees. FIFA has developed Beach Soccer Laws of the Game, and with the approval of US Soccer, the laws are being taught by our trained instructors around Southern California.

Cal South also invites all beach soccer tournament directors to encourage their referees to be trained by Cal South instructors, in order to assure quality and knowledge of beach soccer for the enjoyment of the game by the players and the spectators. To locate a class for new or recertifying beach referees, click here. Select "New Referee Entry Courses" if you want to become a beach referee. Select "Referee Recertification Class/Modules" if you are a returning beach referee.

Also known as "saloon futbol," futsal has been part of FIFA family of game competitions for a long while. It is natural to assume that the game originated in Brazil, but it has caught on in almost every national association that is a member of FIFA, including US Soccer. Southern California has seen a variation of futsal in indoor soccer for some time now. However, the feeling is that the game of futsal will overtake any other form of indoor soccer.

Cal South has taken the lead in training referees for this game by conducting clinics, and the hope is to have a large number of referees trained and certified. If your association is interested in hosting a futsal referee clinic, click here.


All general questions regarding referee training for beach soccer and futsal should be directed to:

All referee training and instruction questions should be directed to:

Kia Dehpanah | State Referee Committee Beach Soccer and Futsal Instruction Coordinator
Phone: 619.339.3284 | Email address:


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