Referee Assessment
Cal South Assessment Program

Reliable, responsible, approachable and trusted.



To provide constant training with the latest USSF referee material and assessor information, so that assessors are up to date on what is expected from them to help referees to improve their refereeing skills; to exchange ideas with assessors on their experiences and come with better ways to help develop the assessment process to assist referees more efficiently; and to encourage assessors to become committed and responsible, and to complete their assessment in no more that seven days from the game assigned.


To have assessors that have accepted this commitment and are willing to help referees to improve their refereeing skills by providing guidance; to have assessors that are familiar with USSF, Cal South, league directives, instructions, policies and competition rules and grade referees on their knowledge and application of these guidelines; and to have assessors that are able to identify referees that have potential and are committed to the game and the soccer community.


To have quarterly meetings during the year where the following will be covered:

Agenda for Quarterly Meetings:

• Review assessments done, if any, in that quarter
• Review latest USSF guidelines on the Laws of the Game and on assessing criteria
• Two assessors will be asked to volunteer to each make a 30-minute presentation of a selected subject (speakers will be paid a per diem fee by Cal South State Referee Committee (SRC)


Assessment Requests

All assessments for ALL GRADE LEVELS must be requested here.


Assessment Confirmation

An email will be send to the referee crew to confirm and to notify who has been assigned to assess the game.


Assessor's Responsibilities


Assessors must complete the assessment within SEVEN DAYS and email their complete assessment, including the feedback, to the SDA. Once the assessment is received, a clearance will be given to the Cal South Corporate Office to mail the per diem to the assessor.



Assessors must use the following format to save the "ASSESSMENT REPORT OF GAME OFFICIALS" form:

LAST name of person assessed (space)PURPOSE of assessment(space)LAST name of assessor (space)DATE of assessment (1-27-07). (No signature is necessary on the assessment form.)

Johnson 5M Wolmerath 1-20-07 (Note M = Maintenance)
Gonzales 7to6 Mazenauer 2-12-07 (Note 7to6 = Upgrade 7 to 6)
Salazar 6to5 Bennyworth 5-12-07



Assessors must use the following format to save the FEEBACK form:

LAST name of person assessed (space)PURPOSE of assessment(space)fb (for feedback)[If for AR for upgrade, put in a space and AR followed by another space]LAST name of assessor (space)DATE of assessment (1-27-07).

Johnson 5 M fb Wolmerath 1-20-07
Gonzales 7to6 fb Mazenauer 2-12-07
Salazar 6to5 fb Sarfaraz 5-12-07
Bakerman 8to7 fb Rehm 4-13-07
Cisneros 6to5 fb AR Duncan 1-20-07
Zimmerman 7to6 fb AR Angeles 2-12-07