2019 Referee Re-certification Process

2019 Registration is open.

Last day to submit certification requirements for 2019 approval is June 14th, 2019.

US Soccer Referee Certification is an annual process. Returning referees seeking to become approved for the 2018 that have not allowed more than a 5 year lapse between certification years, will need to follow the instructions underlined below. If more than 5 years has lapsed between registrations please follow the steps below as well as email us at refereeregistration@calsouth.com for an additional test link. To make it clear, this page is intended as a quick resource page for all links. For full descriptions of all known requirements please refer to our Maintenance & Upgrade Requirements page here.

Step 1

Make your Annual US Soccer registration payment. Make sure to upload a current picture during this process.

Click here to pay.

Step 2

Come back to this page to take your online class video modules. You will need to view each module for your grade and answer the questions at the end of each.

Once you click on each video, you will enter:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your State Association (California South)
  • Your Date of Birth.

Online Class Modules by Grade

Online Modules
Grade 9 - Recreational Referee Click here for grade 9 Modules. (17 Modules Total)
Grado 9 - Espanol Haga clic aqui para modulos. (17 Modulos en Total)
Grade 8 Click here for grade 8 modules. (17 Modules Total)
Grade 8 - Espanol Haga clic aqui para modulos. (17 Modulos en Total)
Grade 7  Click here for grade 7 modules. (11 Modules Total)
Grade 7 - Espanol Haga clic aqui para modulos. (11 Modulos en Total)
Grade 6 - State & Emeritus  Click here for grade 6 Modules. (12 Modules Total)
Grade 8 Futsal Click here for Grade 8 Futsal. (17 Modules Total)

Step 3 (For Legal Adults Only)

For those that have not already completed Risk Management for Cal South -

If you are 18 years old or older you will need to adhere to our KIDSAFE Risk Management Program. All legal adults must have their fingerprints cleared by the Department of Justice before they are allowed on the field with our youth. To complete this, you will need to download our live scan form which can be taken to any servicer. You can do a quick google search for "local live scan locations" and take your form to them. The cost will range anywhere from $15-$30. Keep your copy of the live scan form after the service is done until you have confirmation we have received your results. On average it takes from 1-14 days to receive results back from the Department of Justice. We will update your referee profile as soon as that clearance comes in. 

Click here for live scan form

Once all above items are met you will be approved within 2 weeks from finishing your last requirement.

At that point Cal South will mail out your current 2018 ID & Badge.

This page is intended as a quick link for the Payment & Online Modules only. 

*Please note that Grade 7 & State referees also have additional requirements for grade maintenance.