How Are Players Selected for Cal South PRO+?

How are players selected for PRO+?

Cal South utilizes a comprehensive scouting system in which players are identified in a natural game-playing environment for identification.

There are a number of ways players can be selected for PRO+ in Cal South. Club technical directors, directors of coaching, team coaches and even opposing club coaches can recommend players. Individual players that are recommended this way will be scouted in league play from September through December and at the Cal South State Cup and National Cup competitions. Additionally, Under the PRO+ program, there will be open showcases that will provide players the opportunity to be scouted by Cal South staff.

Here's a quick recap on who can recommend players for PRO+:

Club Technical Directors
Club Directors of Coaching
Club Coaches
Regional Staff Coaches
National Staff Coaches
ODP Scouts
Opposing Club Coaches

Cal South cannot accept player recommendations from either of the following:

Private trainers

What is scouting?

Cal South staff scouts are individuals hired by Cal South to evaluate player in their true environment: "the game." The main identification event each year will be Cal South's State Cup and National Cup competitions.

Scouting will take place in the following age groups: Boys and Girls U12 | U13 | U14 | U15 | U16 | U17

This is the way Cal South selects all of the player pools for the PRO+ program.

Other Scouting Opportunities

Cal South accepts player recommendations from September to November, and again from February to April. Players are scouted through the winter and spring when possible but will be observed in the State and National Cup each year.

Cal South PRO+ Player Recommendation Form 


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