Responsibilities of Parents and Players in PRO+

What are the responsibilities of players and parents involved in the PRO+ program?

Responsibilities of Players:

• Devotion to the Game - This level is typically represented by players who have selected soccer as their sole competitive activity.
• Time Commitment - Players are expected to attend all training sessions and games. Any absences must be documented and approved by the Director of Coaching.
• Communication - PLAYERS, not parents, are expected to communicate with age group coaches and PRO+ administration.
• Pay Attention - Please pay particular attention to ALL deadlines and instructions for various activities. Adherence to these dates is key to reducing hassles and costs.

Responsibilities of Parents:

• Cal South asks that you be sensitive to the pressure that most players feel when participating in these events.
• Your POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT toward all players, at all levels of state team functions, is appreciated.
• Please limit your contact with coaches/selectors during these events.

Cal South appreciates the time and commitment parents make on behalf of the players.


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