What are Player Pools?

What are PRO+ player pools?

A PRO+ player pool can fluctuate in size from the summer cycle to winter cycle. All players in our player pools are released at the end of each cycle and must be re-scouted for the following cycle of training or competition.

No player is guaranteed to return to the pool for the next cycle.

The usual size of each age group's player pool within each cycle is:

1997 player pool - 50-plus players
• 1998 player pool - 50-plus players
• 1999 player pool - 75-plus players
• 2000 player pool - 120-plus players

• 2001 player pool - 140-plus players

What happens when I make a player pool?

Each player selected to participate in the PRO+ program will receive an invitation letter in the mail and must then go to the online registration page to sign up for our program. The names of all players selected to the pools will be announced and posted on CalSouth.com.

Via training sessions with Cal South age group coaches, these player pools will eventually be reduced to 18 or 20 depending on the age group. These players will travel and represent Cal South at regional ODP events.

Players who are not selected to the ODP travel teams will be invited to the Cal South State Development Camp held each year in June. All the appropriate age groups and genders will be included in the PRO+ Summer State Development camp.

Pools will hold training sessions in late May and June (summer pools) and December and March (winter pools) on Sundays to eliminate conflicts with high school soccer.

The most current information for each age group can be found by calling the PRO+ Information Hotline (click for full breakdown of phone extensions for each age group). It is each player's responsibility to check the Pro+ Hotline before leaving for training or events.


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