High School & ODP

What if I am on a high school team; can I still be involved in ODP?

Cal South is working with CIF to make sure all high school rules are followed:

.• Cal South will submit winter player pools to the CIF State Office on the first Monday of December each year. Players can participate in training but cannot play in games unless they have a letter signed by their school principal on file with our administrator.
• It is mandatory that all players communicate with their high school coaches about their participation in the ODP Program.


During the high school season of sport, a high school student who has been selected or qualified for an Olympic development program shall be permitted to participate in such a program without loss of interscholastic eligibility, if the following conditions are met:

A) The Olympic development program is:

(1) Verified as such by the State CIF; AND
(2) a. Conducted or sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee; OR

B) Directly funded and conducted by the U.S. national governing body for the sport on a national level; OR
C) Authorized by a national governing body for athletes having potential for future national team participation; AND B. The student informs the high school principal at least thirty (30) days prior to participating in the program; AND C. The principal verifies the authenticity of the program; AND
D) The student makes prior arrangement to complete missed academic lessons, assignments, and tests before the last day of classes of the semester in which the student's absence occurs.
E) This bylaw was written with the intent that only individual student-athletes that have been identified by the respective National Governing body for that sports, as having Olympic potential, would be for this exemption of Bylaw 600. Individual student-athletes who are members of a club team's) consisting in whole or part of high school age athletes, participating in any competitions (e.g. Super Y League events, championships, etc.) even if the competition itself is labeled as an ODP event, that occur during the high school student's season of sport are not eligible for this exemption. (Revised Federated Council May 2007)


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