Eliminating Time Conflicts

Cal South PRO+ Seeks to Eliminate Conflicts

In an effort to further reduce the conflicts between its clubs and PRO+, Cal South created an annual schedule that maximizes development for players at the club and state levels. Too often, players are put in a position where they have to compromise their relationship with their club to attend PRO+ activities.

Recognizing that development at both the club and state level are essential for our most talented players to prepare them for collegiate, regional and national teams, Cal South has selected times during the year when our clubs and their players will be least impacted by PRO+ activities, all the while maintaining quality within the state team program. A majority of training sessions that Cal South PRO+ will undertake will be used toward actual competition at the regional and national level.

In the winter, players will be selected for each current age group. Coaches will then select 18 players who will represent Cal South and compete at the US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships in January. If successful there, they will then carry that success forward to the annual US Youth Soccer National ODP Championships in Frisco, Texas, usually held in March.

All age groups in the winter cycle will train on Sundays to prevent conflicts with their high school teams. The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has approved these training sessions and events, and they will not impact their high school eligibility.


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