Press Release
October 06, 2010

October 6, 2010 (FULLERTON, CA) - Cal South is proud and excited to announce its first Adult Premier Soccer League for U20 and U23 men's and women's soccer teams. Each year the need for a league for the adult players grows, and it is expected to continue to grow rapidly as clubs begin to form teams for their youth players who have finished high school and are moving on to college or the work force.

Adult soccer leagues for all ages will always be a major priority for Cal South because the older players have often spent 12 years or more playing our wonderful sport. These players are among the most loyal and passionate soccer players in our clubs, and there must always be a league in which they can continue to play their favorite sport.

Cal South's goal is to provide youth soccer clubs with an opportunity to connect with adult soccer and become true soccer clubs based upon the world model. Clubs will have the opportunity to offer their most passionate older youth players, players graduated from high school, players in the work force, and college players a chance to play soccer and develop during early summer.

Cal South's long-term vision involves expanding adult leagues at all levels of play into the rest of the year, thereby connecting youth and adult soccer seamlessly and allowing clubs to develop "members for life" -- again following the successful world model.

The 2011 Adult Premier Season will begin just after the Adult State/National Cup Competition weekends on May 20-22 and May 28-30. The first week of Premier League play begins on June 1, and then continues through the weekend of July 30, 2011. The final two weekends, July 23-24 and July 30-31 may be reserved for a final playoff format if needed - this is to be determined based on number of teams that enter the league.

Teams will be organized in competitive brackets of similar level teams. Each team will register their players through Cal South and will be permitted to roster up to 4 players older than their playing league age (U20 or U23). USASA team player pool rosters will be required by April 15, 2011. This will leave time to seed the teams prior to the beginning of the season.

The league fee will be $650; please note that a $1,000 performance bond per team is required before April 15th. Clubs with two or more teams in the Premier League shall pay a $1,000 club bond in lieu of the team bond. The bond will be returned at the end of the season minus any penalties incurred, such as failure to play scheduled games, resulting in penalties to cover home team costs of referees and reasonable field rental expense.

Referees will be assigned by the Cal South SRA and the State Referee Committee Assignor. Each home team is responsible for paying the referees at the field prior to kickoff.


Registration Deadline: April 15, 2011
Rosters, league fee and the $1,000 bond per team are due at this time. Clubs in the Premier League with two or more teams shall pay a $1,000 Club Bond in lieu of the team bond. The bond will be returned at the end of the season minus any penalties incurred, such as failure to play scheduled games, resulting in penalties to cover home team costs of referees and reasonable field rental expense.

There shall be four divisions of play in the Adult Premier Soccer League: U20 - Men's, U20 - Women's, U23 - Men's and U23 - Women's.

Games: June 1 - July 31, 2011
Teams will play in competitive brackets from June 1-July 20, 2011, with playoffs (if needed, depending on number of entries) for the weekends of July 23-24 and July 30-31, 2011.

Days of Competition:
The Cal South Adult Premier League will generate a home-and-away schedule. Teams will be encouraged to play games on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings with the home team encouraging their younger players to attend.

Any team registered with Cal South/USASA may participate. The Cal South Adult Premier League will form multiple divisions depending on the number of teams.

Roster Size:
Player Pool Roster: Up to 30 players
Game Roster: Up to 18 players

Over-Age Players:
Each team will be allowed to roster four over-age players (Over 20 or Over 23). Teams will be encouraged to use appropriate-age players as much as possible.

Youth Teams Playing in This Competition:

In the case of a youth team entering this competition, in order to be allowed to play in this adult league, a youth team must present EITHER of the following:

1) a SIGNED medical insurance waiver for EACH individual youth player (to be signed by their parents if such player is under the age of 18).


2) a BLANKET WAIVER from the Youth State Association or youth organization, declaring that ALL youth players on the youth team are covered by the medical insurance of the Youth State Association or organization while playing in this adult league.

Estimated Team Budget:

  • $650 - League Fee
  • $1000 - Performance Bond (returned after season if in good standing)
  • $750 - Registration/Insurance/Player Passes (30 players at $25/each)
  • $900 - Referee Fees (estimated 6 home games at $150 per game)

Home teams will be responsible for referee fees, any local club fees your club may have and field use fees for your home games. Cal South Adult Premier Soccer League will provide a referee assignor who will schedule all referees.

Teams with a closed stadium field will be allowed to charge an admission fee to offset stadium rental and expenses.

To register players, please contact:
John Chaco, League Account Manager | | 714.451.1516

League Contact:
David Lamb, Adult Premier League Director | |951.232.9561