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November 08, 2016

About 86 miles southwest of Los Angeles, the City of Temecula sits in Riverside County, Cal South’s District 5. Aside from the city gaining popularity through its wineries, championship golf courses, and hot air ballooning, Temecula has much more to offer, specifically when it comes to recreational soccer.

Around 30 years ago, the Temecula Valley Soccer Association was founded under the motto, “Everyone plays.” Thirty years later, the association still stands strong with the motto, allowing kids of every age, talent level, and income level to enjoy the beautiful game.

“Our program’s vision is to really forward soccer, number one, and our motto is, ‘Everyone plays,’” said TVSA President David Guinn. “We want to be very inclusive to soccer players from every level; we don’t profess to be a high level competitive program. We believe that everyone plays, everyone plays 50% and we want to make sure that everyone, whether they have money or they don’t have money, or they don’t have skills, can come out and enjoy in a very safe environment and have a tremendous amount of fun.”

And fun, play and a safe and positive environment is just what TVSA has continued to give its players, coaches and their families. With their ‘Everyone plays’ philosophy, dedication to help their coaches advance their coaching education, as well as their commitment to helping their players in their development, TVSA has created the perfect environment for everyone.

Twelve-year-old TVSA midfielder Mary Handler has had nothing but good memories with the organization. Being in a positive and stress-free environment has helped her not only develop as a player, but as a person, as well as allowing her to meet and make new friends.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was four, and I’ve been playing here almost the whole time,” Mary said. “It’s pretty incredible! I have friends that are so good to me, it’s a really great place to meet new people and experience different things. It’s really cool!”

But deciding where Mary and her two sisters would play was something that her parents researched thoroughly before making the ultimate decision. Mary’s dad, Ken Handler, grew up playing soccer, and the wish for his daughters to also enjoy the beautiful game was almost set, the only thing he and his family had to decide was where.

“We looked at different programs in the community, and TVSA had all the pieces to the puzzle,” Ken said. “It had a strong base program, it had a nice All-Star program, it actually had requirements for coaches, which is important; it showed educational pieces, how to make the kids stronger. Also, one of the more important pieces, every child was able to play. It wasn’t because of skill level; it was because of the goal to develop the kids. Then they had the higher level to go into, and we felt that that was the perfect match for us.”

Another perfect match is TVSA’s relationship and ties with its community. Not only does the non-profit organization offer college scholarships to its players, host a food drive to benefit its local food bank, but it also holds a positive and strong relationship with its local city government, something that many associations find hard to do, especially to maintain for over 30 years.

But TVSA and the City of Temecula have done it. Holding on to their partnership for over 30 years, both sides have benefitted tremendously. From TVSA donating funds to maintain and replenish fields to the City of Temecula showing its gratitude by providing fields at a subsidized rate in order to allow more children to play, everybody wins.

“We’re trying to do more with our community,” Guinn said. “We also donated last year alone $25,000 to refurbish one of the fields that we as a League use almost exclusively. We donated that money to renovate the fields and we’re always looking for ways that we can help the community beyond just playing soccer and providing soccer.”

“The City benefits by providing youth activities for the kids in the area,” said Mike Wooten, City of Temecula’s Recreation Coordinator. “The community, as a whole, benefits because TVSA gets dedicated field space for their entire season at a subsidized rate that hopefully they’re able to pass on to their participants.”

TVSA might have diverse ideas among its Board of Directors, coaches and executives, but they all work together for a common goal, to better the Temecula Valley community, not just in sports, but overall.

“TVSA is a community property,” Guinn said. “Over the last several years, TVSA has done more to get involved with the community as a charity and just support youth and soccer in general.”

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