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July 05, 2016

#ROADtoTX | National Championship-bound: Carlsbad Elite 99 (LA Galaxy San Diego)

The following is the third edition of an ongoing series presented by Cal South as part of the 2016 US Youth Soccer National Championships coverage 

Team: Carlsbad Elite 99 (LA Galaxy San Diego)
Age Division: Girls Under 16
Location: Carlsbad
Cal South District: 2
Coach: Carl Hingham
# of National Championships: 8
Miles travelled through campaign*: 8,762
Twitter: @LAGalaxySD

How they got to the US Youth Soccer National Championships:
National League record: 5-0-2
12/3/2015: FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E) 0 – 1 Carlsbad Elite 99
12/4/2015: Carlsbad Elite 99 2 – 0 Midwest United 00 Royal (MI)
12/5/2015: United FA 00 Premier (GA) 0 – 3 Carlsbad Elite 99
12/6/2015: Carlsbad Elite 99 0 – 0 Tennessee SC 18 (TN)
3/18/2016: Carlsbad Elite 99 3 – 2 CUP Gold 99/00 (OH-S)
3/19/2016: Carlsbad Elite 99 1 – 1 Sparta United 00 Premier (UT)
3/20/2016: Albion SC White 0 – 3 Carlsbad Elite 99

Playing style:
It’s a very fast-playing team, fast-moving team, we like to play with a little high pressure, play with a lot of ball possession, looking to hit the weak spots at the right time of the game to obviously capitalize against the other teams.

In their own words…
“This will be our third year going to the National Championships with the 99s,” said Coach Hingham. “We’re unbeaten in the League, but we haven’t got the best record when we got to championships; we tied a few games, but we never won. Our goal is, being the third time, we know what to expect. The way we prepare, we need to prepare a little bit better, and that’s what we’re going to be working on prior to [Championships]. We believe we’ll be able to create a real competitive environment for us to get the wins we feel we’re going to deserve.

“They’re a hardworking group of players and the chemistry is pretty special,” the Carlsbad coach said about his team. “They’ve been around each other for the last five years, and have had a lot of successes, which obviously brings a lot of confidence. They never know when to give in and they keep going until the final whistle. Every game that we’ve played is always a tough game; even when we go behind, they always find ways to get back in the game. [They’re a] very resilient group of girls.”

*Miles travelled include mileage to participate in US Youth Soccer’s National League in Wilson, NC and Las Vegas, Nev., as well as the mileage to get to the National Championships in Frisco, Tex.