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February 22, 2016

Long time Cal South Coach Darwin Dallas, humbled after being inducted into Hall of Fame

Over 28 years ago, Darwin Dallas wanted to put his passion for teaching and organizing in a sport he loved, soccer. He began his involvement with Cal South’s Coaching Education program after being encouraged by a parent and shortly thereafter, Dallas was leading coaching courses with a few leagues before being named District 5’s Head Coach.

During this time, Dallas was responsible for finding good instructors and getting them involved enough for them to go back out on the field and utilize all the information taken with the future soccer stars.

Although Dallas continues being an active member of the Cal South family, his work was recognized last Saturday as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2016 along with players Amy Rodriguez and Carlos Bocanegra, as well as Cal South’s first woman referee, Rosalie Kramm.   

“It’s incredibly humbling and a terrific honor,” he said upon the conclusion of the ceremony. “I looked at the names on the screen earlier and some of those people I know, and I know of their work. It was very clear that this was a terrific honor, an amazing honor and I’m terrifically humbled that people would think that about me.”

With his work over the years, Dallas has become a leader in Cal South’s Coaching Education program, leading soccer clinics around the Southern California area. Dallas has also worked on the Olympic Development Program Division 5 team, as well as being part of Cal South’s Recreational Task Force.

Though there are years of work, countless clinics and seminars in the books, a humble Dallas points to Cal South as the main reason behind his success in the coaching field.  

“Cal South has helped me to develop as a coach through seminars, and training and through my time on the field,” he said. “As I’m training coaches and trying to get them to be the best they can, indeed, I’m also learning as well and it helps me refine myself as a person and myself as a coach. The learning has been going both ways.”

From coaching clinics to being an on-field coach, Dallas has expanded his knowledge on coaching at every level. And now, he wants to pass on his knowledge to his fellow colleagues that someday wish to be in his shoes.

With the use of today’s technology, Dallas has gone to greater lengths to continue teaching the game. Through Cal South’s Under-6 Recreational training videos, a video series targeted for recreational soccer coaches that Dallas recently took part in, he hopes coaches can put to use the lesson plans presented, pointing out the evolution the Coaching Education program has undergone over the years.

“Technology has certainly been a huge innovation in the program and the quality of instructors has certainly increased over time. Certainly as the game grows, all of us have grown with it. Back in the time when I played in college, it was a strange sport, kind of like Swedish baseball, and hardly anyone played it and I was out kicking the ball with my toe, took me a while to get over that. It’s terrific how it’s changed now,” he finalized.