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Cal South E-News | October 2010

October 22, 2010

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NCSA Recruiting Corner
Eligibility Centers: With the recent emergence of the NAIA Eligibility Center, every student-athlete needs to know when and how to register for not only the NCAA Eligibility Center, but now also the NAIA Eligibility Center... click for complete story

NSCAA Coaching Education
Critical Times:
The most dangerous times during a soccer game are the first five minutes of each half, the last five minutes of each half and the first two minutes after any goals are scored.... click for complete story

Provided this issue by Selina Lai, M.S., R.D.
Nutrition Tricks and Delicious Treats for Soccer Players:
With Halloween just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to write about nutrition tricks for soccer and also share some delicious treats that soccer players might enjoy.... click for complete story

Laws of the Game - Ask the Referee
The USSF's National Referee Program office receives a multitude of inquiries regarding FIFA's Laws of the Game and numerous questions involving some often confusing rules and calls. Here is a quick sampling of recent topics and the resulting responses... click for complete story

FREE Cal South Online Parenting Course

Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, provides a Cal South-branded course entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education... click for complete story

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