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Cal South E-News // April 2008

April 09, 2008

Each monthly issue of Cal South E-News is loaded with free educational content broken into useful categories that parents, coaches, trainers and referees will find useful. We have two new exciting sections this month: Performance Training andFinancial Planning. Check them out, let us know how you like them, and we will see you next month!

Fun Games for Under-8s (Pt. 1)
Several of these games are "knock-out" games where the players are knocked out gradually and the last player left is the winner. Since the first ones out are often the ones who need the most practice, the ones knocked out should be required to do something to either get back into the game or to keep them working on their ball skills until the game is over... click for complete story

The Active-Dynamic Warm-Up
Although there are many ways to warm up, not all produce the same results. Sit on the sidelines at a tournament and you'll see some teams do mostly soccer specific drills while others choose the "jog around the field once then sit and stretch" warm-up. Warm-up is not often considered an integral part of practice and game prep but recent studies tell us... click for complete story

Should A 7-Year Old Play On A 10-Year Old Team?

If a child is the best reader in the class, moving him out of the classroom and into the grade above is not typically considered. We might provide a more challenging book or focus on reading comprehension. So, he can read, but does he remember and understand what he's reading like the kids in the grade above can? click for complete story

Growing a Financially Savvy Generation Starts at Home
After an unprecedented period of economic growth in America, the majority of Americans have come to realize the importance of planning and saving. However the lack of basic financial literacy among Americans, especially middle and high school students is a serious crisis with potentially long-term consequences... click for complete story

NCSA Recruiting Corner

Pitch-Perfect Personality: Your reaction to adverse situations on the field allows spectators to judge your character, personality and temperament. The way you carry yourself on the field and bench can win favor, or frustration, from college scouts... click for complete story

Laws of the Game Q&A
The USSF's National Referee Program office receives a multitude of inquiries regarding FIFA's Laws of the Game and numerous questions involving soccer ephemera. Here is a quick sampling of recent topics and the resulting responses... click for complete story

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