Risk Management Requirements

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It is important to note that the Cal South Coaches Education Program is not linked directly to the Cal South Risk Management Program.

In order for a Cal South Administrator to coach a Cal South team, that administrator must possess a U.S. Soccer coaching license as well as complete the Cal South Risk Management Program. Furthermore, all competitive coaches must possess a coaching license - at minimum a U.S. Soccer "E" license (competitive) or U.S. Soccer "F" License (recreational).

All of the requisite coaching education and risk management information will be printed directly on their US Youth Soccer Member Passes.

Administrators not in compliance with the requisite coaching education and risk management requirements will not be able to have a US Youth Soccer Member Pass printed.

Cal South's KIDSAFE Risk Management Program & Live Scan Fingerprinting

Cal South has once again made advancements in the KIDSAFE Risk Management program by transitioning to Live Scan fingerprint technology.

This switch solidifies Cal South's position as having one of the most progressive Risk Management programs in the country with the intent on keeping every one of Cal South's 204,000 members KIDSAFE! Live Scan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks through the Department of Justice (DOJ).

They also provide for seamless integration into the California DOJ subsequent arrest notification program, providing the following benefits:

• Administrators only have to be fingerprinted once for the lifetime of their involvement in Cal South Soccer as long as they are involved in concurrent years.
• Through the California DOJ subsequent arrest notification program, we retain the ability to screen subsequent arrest activity and make decisions towards keeping KIDSAFE, and also protecting the best interest of our member leagues and clubs.


What does this mean for your League & Administrators?

• Quicker DOJ turnaround on all fingerprint submissions
• More professional risk management fingerprinting sessions conducted locally by Live Scan Solutions
• More sessions, shorter lines and Live Scan options available to your League
• Keeping your League & Players KIDSAFE!

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