National Youth License Course

National Youth License Course

This is a national course conducted jointly by U.S. Soccer and US Youth Soccer. The main emphasis of the course is based on the unique characteristics of the growing child from a physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and motor skill acquisition perspective and developmentally appropriate activities for them. Detailed analysis of the modern methods of coaching players U6 through U12 is provided together with invaluable feedback from practice coaching in each age group.


• Coaching U6, U8, U10, and U12 players
• Care and Prevention/Youth Fitness
• Team and Risk Management
• Rules, Fair Play, and Moral Development


• National "D" or a Cal South Director of Coaching Education-approved waiver.
• Minimum age - 18 years old.

Course Length: 6 days

• About 22 classroom hours overall.
• About 20 field hours overall.


• Oral Exams
• Practical Coaching Exam


• To be determined by US Youth Soccer.

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