Coaching Certificates


If you have attended a Cal South coaching course post-2005 and would like a certificate for your records or for proof of license level outside of Cal South, you may print out a copy of that certificate by following the step-by-step instructions below.

For assistance registering for a Cal South course, call Coaching Education at (714) 778-2972, or email


If you are coaching with a Cal South Affiliate Member, you may obtain your Member Pass from your Cal South league or club registrar. The Member Pass will show proof of your current coaching license, risk management, and registration.

Cal South Coaching Certification Process Instructions
A Step-by-Step Guide for Coaches
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Step 1

Sign into your Cal South registration account via the "Youth Soccer Login" button on the homepage of


Step 2

Type in your Username and Password to access your account.

Step 3

Scroll down to the "Event Registration" section.

If you passed the course within the current seasonal year (Fall to Spring), your certificate will be under the "Current" tab. If you passed the course in a previous seasonal year, your certificate will be under the "Past" tab.

Once you are under the correct tab, locate the link that reads "Print License Certification." Click the link and your certificate should download. (Always double-check under both tabs to find this link.)

Step 4

Admire your certificate...

For assistance registering for a Cal South course, call the Administrative Services at (714) 778-7276 or e-mail

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