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Cal South has teamed up with to bring an incredible offer to all soccer coaches in the Southern California area. The Cal South Coaches Association is where member coaches have access to training and development courses and materials like never before!


Two Memberships - One Low Price!


A Cal South Coaches Association membership is only $35 per year.



Access to

You will also automatically receive access to, who have partnered with Cal South to give our Coaching Association members the ability to create or discover useful coaching lessons and training sessions online.

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As a member of the Cal South Coaches Association, you will also receive:

 • Discounts on Selected Cal South Coaching Courses

• Cal South Coaches Association Events Access
Access to events exclusively geared towards Cal South Coaching Association members, such as podcasts and webinars with world-class soccer coaches, training sessions and lectures presented by U.S. Soccer, MLS, various colleges, and other events.

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