State Cup Check-in Requirements


  1. Print and Read Cal-South State (Open) Cup Tournament Rules and Regulations document
  2. Goalies must have a number on the jersey
  3. All State (Open) Cup teams are required to register one (1)  hour at the fields prior to their first scheduled game.
  4. Print a copy of the Schedule for your respective Team from the State (Open) Cup Schedules site
  5. For the Cal-South State (Open) State Cup Registration, Birth Certificate documents are not required
  6. Please check the Red Cards report on the "Schedule & Results" page to determine if your team has players and or coaches who are ineligible to play or coach. Coaches will be held responsible to ensure that any player that is on their team roster sits out his/her suspension

Required at Registration The person checking in the team should be prepared with the following information required to complete the Game Roster Forms. Bring a pen, you will need it!!

  • Pen
  • Game Dates (these can be obtained from the schedules). Preliminary games will be pre-printed
  • Name of the playing venue will be pre-priinted
  • Field # will be pre-printed
  • Start Time
  • Opponent
  • Jersey Color (Home and Away for your team)
  • Jersey Numbers (Home and Away)
  • Team Manager Name
  • Team Manager Phone Number (possibly more then one)
  • Coach Name
  • Coach's License Level (#)
  • Coach Phone #
  • Home or Away designation (Team listed first on the schedule is the Home team)
  • Original Medical Release Forms for each player - must have original (wet) signatures
  • White Player Cards (Temporary cards will NOT be accepted)

For any questions, contact one of the members of the State Tournaments Committee listed on the Cal South State Cup Contacts page.

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