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2016 Sports Authority State Cup
Mayors, Governors & Presidents Divisions

2016 Cal South National Cup

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May 14th & 15th, 2016 at Silverlakes Soccer Complex in Norco, CA

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Mud Line 
714.765.7646 or 714.999.3444

Sports Authority State Cup and National Cup Contact:
Cal South State Cup and National Cup Coordinator
Tel: 714-451-1507
Emails: or


Use of the Club Pass for State and National Cups.

- The club will determine when a player is placed on a State Cup Tournament Roster. The Club has the ability to move players from within the Club onto and off of a team's State or National Cup Tournament Roster prior to the Roster Freeze. These moves within the club do not count as one of the 5 transfers. Teams must maintain 9-player continuity at all times. For details, please consult the State Cup and National Cup Rules on their respective pages through the links above. For National Cup only, Club Passes can be used for Far West Regionals Rosters and National Championship Rosters as well. Click here for instructions


Please note the following registration instructions that apply to all State Tournament Divisions:

  1. To register, the listed Team Head Coach or Manager must log in with their YOUTH SOCCER LOGIN and proceed to register their team for the correct State Tournament Division per the Play Level Guide listed below. If the team wants to play in a lower Division than listed, the team must register and pay for the correct Division and then Appeal per the Appeal procedure below.
  2. Teams must apply for the correct Cup, based on the Play Level Guide below. The system will scan all applications, and those that have not been submitted to the correct play level will automatically be moved to the proper, corresponding Cup.
  3. Teams may enter the State or National Cup in a different age group than they were initially registered for in the current seasonal year as long as every player registered to the team is age-appropriate for that competition's age group except Under-10, which must play Under-10. Contact your Cal South District Commissioner to change a team’s Cal South registration age.
  4. Any team that has not paid their application entry fee in full by the set deadline will not be allowed to participate. Your application is not complete until registration fee is paid in full. Teams withdrawing prior to the application deadline receive a full refund. Teams withdrawing prior to the draw, but after the registration deadline, will be assessed $125.00 administrative fee. Teams withdrawing after the bracket draw date shall forfeit their entire entry fee.
  5. If your team has changed their club affiliation since last year, or if your team has changed their team number or made a change to their name, make sure to notify the State Tournament Committee by email for proper seeding.
  6. We will determine the exact play dates for each Division when we have all applications in for an age group and once we know how many fields we will have available. When entering State Cup Division competition, please plan on playing any and/or all of the dates listed for your Division age/competition groups.
    • SAT Dates: Oct 3, 2015, Nov 7, 2015, Dec 5, 2015, Jan 23, 2016, Mar 5, 2016, May 7, 2016, Jun 4, 2016
    • ACT Dates: Sep 12, 2015, Oct 24, 2015, Dec 12, 2015, Feb 6, 2016, Apr 9, 2016, Jun 11, 2016
    • There are six ACT dates and seven SAT dates, so please, do not ask us to give your team the day off from play on May 7, 2016.


** Open to all U8, Signature and Recreational level teams.
Open to U9 Bronze (or higher) level teams with fewer Wins AND Ties than Losses

Stronger U9, U10 and U11 teams are encouraged to play in the Governors or Presidents Divisions.

*** U10 and U11 Bronze (or equal) teams with fewer Wins AND Ties than Losses in their Fall League season may Appeal to play in the Mayors Division. See the APPEALS procedure below.

  • Open to all U8, U9, U10 and U11 Signature and Recreational level teams.
  • Open to U9, U10 and U11 Bronze level teams with fewer Wins & Ties than Losses. These teams must appeal to play in the MAYORS division. See the Appeals procedure below.
  • Stronger U9, U10 and U11 teams are encouraged to play in the GOVERNORS or the strongest teams in the PRESIDENTS division.

  • Open to all U8 to U16 teams competing at the BRONZE level or equivalent.

  • Open to all U8 to U19 teams competing at the SILVER level or equivalent.

  • Open to all U12 to U19 teams competing at the GOLD, Premier or CRL level or equivalent.

Teams with poorer than anticipated Fall League results, winning 20% or less (50% for Bronze level U9 to U11 teams) of their Fall League games may appeal to change and play in a lower State Tournament Division from the Division specified in the Play Level Guide per the following Appeals procedure:

  • Teams must register and pay for the State Cup Division per above Play Level Guide by the entry deadline and then Appeal by email by November 15th.
  • Teams winning 20% or less of their league games may appeal to play down to the next lower tournament division. Team appeals must be submitted by email to after the league ends or by November 15th (whichever comes first) for division appeal.
  • In the U9, U10 and U11 age groups, teams with fewer Wins and Ties than Losses in their league games, may appeal to play in the Mayors Division.
  • Appeals will be reviewed by the State Cup Coaches Committee on November 16th, with final approval or denial by the State Tournament Chairman. Teams will be notified no later than November 17th. Refunds will be issued for withdrawals requested prior to the registration deadline. Teams withdrawing after the registration deadline and prior to the bracket draw will receive a refund, less a $125 processing fee. Teams withdrawing after the bracket draw receive no refunds.