Information for New Referees

Dear Referee,

Congratulations on completing the necessary requirements to becoming a Cal South/U.S. Soccer referee.

If you do not know where to go from here, follow these easy steps:
Check out
Referees Tab – Registered Officials List
Referees Tab – Referee Associations

Registered Officials List

o List of all referees who have completed their state certification requirements to become a referee. They are cleared to referee sanctioned adult games. As for youth games, if your name does not show “APPROVED” then you have not done your risk management (i.e.: LiveScan/fingerprint). This only applies if you are 18 years or older.

Referee Associations

o Cal South approved referee association list. To join one of these associations will allow you to get assigned youth matches in leagues that are Cal South-sanctioned. Contact the person(s) listed on the association list for further information.

Referee Training

o Cal South offers monthly training to ALL approved referee associations, once you join make sure you attend the monthly meetings, you’ll need at least 5 monthly clinics to be able to re-certify for the following year.
o Training provided by referee association, all have different training programs
o U.S. Soccer web site: at this site you’ll find current instructional material/references that will help you to stay current


o You must re-certify every year and must meet the following requirements:

- A minimum of 5 hours of training
- Take a written test and obtain a passing score, minimum 80%
- Pay the renewal fee (online) and register for course (online) at the Cal South website


We welcome you to Cal South, and congratulations on completing the referee registration. For further information or questions, contact:


      Laura Dudoit
Member Education Specialist


Thank You,
George Noujaim
State Referee Administrator


Common Questions/Concerns:

Uniforms - Official Sports Flyer

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