How To Become A Referee

How to Become a Referee

Current Registration Year: 2014


1.) Need to register and pay your USSF fees.
2.) Complete an online course module.
3.) Register and pay to attend a Field training.

 Note: Reference to grade(s) pertains solely to the referee aspects and do not coincide with school grades. Should you need to find out more about about the different grades, click here.

- Grade 9 allows you to referee recreational youth matches
          o No minimum age requirement
          o No experience needed
          o Take the necessary hours of instruction
          o Pass the test that measures comprehension

- Grade 8 allows you to referee all youth games both competitive and recreational

          o No minimum age requirement
          o No experience needed
          o Take the necessary hours of training
          o Pass the online test that measures comprehension

Important Notes:
** Most courses are during the summer, but there are other few throughout the year.
** Courses are posted and administered by Cal South
** Upon completion of a course, you will become eligible to be assigned to affiliated games played under Cal South's jurisdiction.


Step 1: Register online for the current year's USSF Registration 

Enter your username and password 
- If you are already a Cal South player, parent, coach or administrator, please enter your current username & password . Do not create a new profile.


Step 2: Find and register for an Entry-Level Clinic

Finding an entry-level clinic:
- Click on the "Event Type" drop-down menu, select "Referee Course" followed by clicking "Search".
- Click on the clinic of choice to read Event Description
- Click on "Register" button at the bottom of the clinic page


For questions and concerns, please contact Laura Dudoit at or any of the Cal South Committee Members. They are here to assist you.