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Cal South Soccer Foundation Awards $5,000 Grant to The Arena to Help Grow Futsal in Southern California
abril 15, 2013

April 15, 2013
Shirley Ramirez

Cal South Soccer Foundation Awards $5,000 Grant to The Arena
to Help Grow Futsal in Southern California

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April 15, 2013 (Fullerton, CA) - The Cal South Soccer Foundation announced today it has awarded a non-profit organization grant for $5,000 to The Arena to help grow the burgeoning game of futsal in Southern California. The grant to The Arena, based in the Hawaiian Gardens area, was the sole grant application selected from amongst those gathered during the Foundation’s October 2012 grants cycle.

"We are excited to support the growth of futsal in Southern California, as well as help in the growth of a new type of Cal South member," said Cal South Soccer Foundation president, David De Leon. “We feel playing futsal will also help players on the traditional soccer pitch, and the cost of a futsal court is affordable. Courts can range from as little as $5,000 for painted lines on concrete or asphalt, or building a synthetic hard surface for $40,000 is still much less than the cost for building a traditional full-sided field.”

Futsal is a variant of traditional soccer, which is generally played indoors on a smaller pitch featuring a hard surface. There are five players per side including goalkeepers, and the game is played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a normal soccer ball.

The Cal South Soccer Foundation would like to thank all of the grant applicants for submitting their proposals. The Cal South Soccer Foundation holds two open grants cycles annually: one in March of each year, and one each October. Grant recipients for the recently closed March 2013 cycle will be announced in the coming months. The next official grants cycle for the Cal South Soccer Foundation will open on October 1, 2013. Upcoming grants cycles are announced on the Foundation’s website,, and also at


About the Cal South Soccer Foundation:
The Cal South Soccer Foundation was established in 1999 with a passion for growing the game of soccer within Southern California one program, player and field at a time. The Foundation is a resource in the community to provide advice, financial and logistical support, and serve as a collaborative resource in creating outreach soccer programs and the development of soccer facilities in areas where such a need exists. The Foundation has challenged itself to create partnerships to raise and grant funds to assist in all of these areas. Through grant-making, we strive to be an organization that is able to see the recipients of such grants develop and maintain sustainable programs, improve their existing operations and potentially develop soccer facilities that help reach communities in a positive way. Learn more about the Cal South Soccer Foundation at

About The Arena:
The Arena, Inc. is a non-profit who is out to expose the game of futsal throughout Southern California by providing leagues, classes/trainings, and pick-up games for both youth and adults. The Arena arrives at random parks to expose what the game of futsal has to offer. Instead of practicing, there is no better way than scrimmaging and developing skills that cannot be taught on the pitch. Futsal is different than street and indoor soccer: different ball, different touch, different rules, and different culture. Rather than competing with the game of soccer, it compliments all fundamentals. Moreover, The Arena has provided numerous of futsal events in different locations: City of Hawaiian Gardens, Deft Touch Soccer Center located in the City of Los Alamitos, and Heartwell Park located in the City of Lakewood. Lastly, the organization will seek for any and all endeavors that will expose the game of futsal. For more information you may contact Valdemar Vera at 562.316.9492.