Outreach Program Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why are you offering this new “Outreach Program” special membership?
Cal South’s mission is to advance and improve the game. In accordance with our mission, we recognize that there are many non-profit and agency driven programs in which soccer is used as a primary tool or incentive in achieving greater socially driven outcomes for youth. Cal South has expertise in all facets of soccer programming and by deploying these resources through coaching education, curriculum development and other areas; we will help elevate the soccer component of any program. It’s the right thing to do and this fulfills our mission as an organization.

Q: What are the key benefits to my non-profit group if I participate in your Cal South Outreach Program?
There are many benefits! As the premier and most successful state soccer association in the country, we can assist your organization with our expertise and knowledge in all facets of youth soccer. Our soccer expertise and programs include:

         • TOPSoccer (special needs)
         • Recreational
         • League Formation and Scheduling
         • Risk Management
         • Olympic Development Program

• Coaching Education
• Referee Education
• Tournament Competitions
• Foundation Grant Opportunities
• Administrator development & training

Give us a call to get started!

Q: We have a small after-school soccer program run by staff and volunteer parents. We have no coaching or referee experience. Can you help us?
Yes. We can provide your group with an introductory Cal South coaching or referee course to educate your staff and volunteers.

Q: We are a youth non-profit group that would like to start a youth soccer program since there are no soccer programs in our community. Can you consult and guide us on how to start a new soccer program?
Absolutely. We would meet with your group to assess how we can best assist your group to start a new soccer program or league.

Q: If we become a Cal South Outreach Program member, can we apply for a Soccer Foundation grant?
Yes. The Cal South Soccer Foundation has two grant cycles annually. For more information or to apply, please go to www.calsouthfoundation.org or contact Shirley Ramirez. Her contact information is listed below.

Q: Our youth non-profit program has limited funds and we need new soccer equipment for our indoor soccer program. How can you assist?
By applying to the Outreach Program, your group is eligible to apply for a Cal South Soccer Foundation Grant. Click here to apply.

Q: What will you require from our organization as an Outreach Program member?
Our interests is in providing our Outreach Programs with resources to help elevate their soccer program and opportunities for the youth that they serve. Our mission is to advance and grow the game. The requirements as an Outreach Program partner revolve around the promotion of Cal South and the Cal South Soccer Foundation and the services we provide. We require the registration and execution of waivers for any coaches, players, referees and program administrators that participate in any programs provided by Cal South and the Cal South Soccer Foundation. We also require a database file of your program participants (players, coaches, referees) which will be solely used for the promotion of Cal South Soccer and Cal South Soccer Foundation programs and special events. Many opportunities exist throughout our Cal South affiliated network of sanctioned clubs, leagues and tournaments. Through your affiliation as an Outreach Program Special Member, we want to be sure to create greater awareness around these benefits and other services that you and your families can access.


For additional information, please contact:

Shirley Ramirez
Cal South Soccer Foundation Director of Operations
1029 S. Placentia Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
714.425.2641 or

 Luis Salcedo
Cal South Director of Membership Development
1029 S. Placentia Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831


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