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marzo 08, 2012

March 8, 2012 (Fullerton, CA) - Cal South's Olympic Development Program proudly announced its selections today for its 2012 Young Olympians Program Summer Pools. A total of 240 boys and girls were selected for player pools in the 2000 age group.The full listing of selected players appears below. If your name appears on these pool lists, please click this link to register:

The Cal South Young Olympians Program will hold two weekend training camps on March 17-18 and April 7-8 at Ventura College. The training schedule and calendar for these pools can be downloaded below:

Training Schedule for Young Olympians Program 2012 Summer Pools

• Boys and Girls | download schedule

Cal South ODP Staff will be out of the office through this weekend until Tuesday, March 13, as they are currently participating in the US Youth Soccer ODP National Championships in Frisco, Texas. If you have any questions regarding these pools until they return, please send an email to either or

Cal South wishes to congratulate all of these talented players on their achievement!


2000 BOYS

2000 GIRLS

Jason Aguirre | AC Brea
Alex Aguirre | Nomads SC
Nikolai Amurrio | Orange County
Carlos Anguiano Diaz | FC Barcelona Academy
Louis Arellano | FC Barcelona Academy
Marvin Arias | Real SoCal White
Jake Arteaga | Pateadores LA
Daniel Arzate | Santa Barbara SC White
Anthony Avila | Real So Cal White
Jason Bacher | Real So Cal White
Issa Badawiya | FC Golden State Academy
William Barba | Albion SC White
Misael Becerra | FC Barcelona Academy
Richard Bernal | Celtic Harps
Ethan Bowen | FC Man United
Julian Bravo | FC Barcelona
Darnell Carachure | TVSA Hawks
Paolo Carillo | Strikers FC - Irvine
Alec Castillo | San Diego SC Elite Navy
Michael Chambers | Pateadores IRV
Ken Cisneros | Notts Forest FC
Sam Cohen | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Kelee Cornfield | Manchester Academy
Taylor Davila | Real So Cal White
Logan Dawson | Oxnard PAL AC
Noah De Alba | Albion SC White
Lucas Delgado | FC Barcelona
Jose Delgado | United FC Black
Charlie Denny | San Diego Surf White
Daniel Dimas | Atlas SCS Academy
Lucas Eilbacher | Santa Barbara SC White
Kelvin Espericueta | Atlas SCS Academy
Jonathan Estrada | FC Barcelona Academy
Kimo Ferrari | Notts Forest FC Red
Zachery Fish | South Bay Force
Ryan Flood | Santa Barbara SC White
Sergio Flores | La Galaxy Youth Academy
Alexis Galindo | Orange County
Benjamin Giacobello | United FC Black
Christian Gomez | Manchester Academy
Omar Gomez Tapia | Oxnard PAL Blue
Thomas Goya | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Robbie Graham | Pateadores MV
Ramiro Hampson-Medina | Nado
Abram Hernandez | Blues YSC Blue
Jorge Hernandez | Blues YSC Blue
Alejandro Hernandez | San Diego SC Elite Navy
Kyle Holcomb | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Joshue Hurwitz | Real So Cal White
Miguel Ibarra | FC Barcelona Academy
Coby Isaoglu | United Futbol Club Black
Jacob Johnston | TVSA Hawks Black
Justin Jovel | Celtic Harps
Tetsuya Kadono | Irvine Premier SC
Tate Keir | West Coast FC
Cooper Lachenbruch | San Diego SC Elite Navy
Owen Lambe | Santa Barbara SC White
Devin Lee | Pateadores IRV
Matthew Leisegang-Weiss | FC Golden State White
Max Levy | Santa Barbara SC White
Jonah Lipel | Real So Cal White
Manuel Lopez | FC Golden State White
Nicolas Lopez | Pateadores MV
Jack Luckhurst | Santa Barbara SC White
Luis Macias | West Coast FC
John Mahony | Notts Forest FC
Oscar Manjarrez | Orange County
Nathan Marroquin | FC Golden State Academy
Mattheau Martin | SD Surf Boys White
Alexis Martinez | Express White
Griffen McDaniel | Corona Eagles
Alex Mendez | FC Barcelona Academy
Dorian Morrison | FC Golden State Academy
Jacob Muchnick | LA Galaxy
Gianni Munoz | West Coast FC
Ian Murphy | Celtic Harps
Alekh Nagarkar | West Coast FC
Kevin Negrete | South Bay Force
Sebastian Nolasco | Celtic Harps
Diego Ochoa | TVSA Hawks
Victor Onofre | West Coast FC
Jason Pacas | Pateadores LA
Erik Papke | Cypress FC Premier
Rodrigo Pasos | Celtic Harps
David Perez | Corona Eagles Navy
Alanjames AJ Perez | FC Golden State Academy
Steve Perez | Fullerton Rangers White
Bryan Perez | Pateadores LA
Alan Piceno | FC Golden State Academy
Raul Pina | FC Barcelona
Issac Quay | San Diego Surf White
Daniel Quinonez | Legends FC
Samay Rahin | Nado
Juan Ramirez | Rialto Fire SC
Richardo Rodriguez | Corona Eagles
Marco Rodriguez | FC Barcelona
Matthew Ruiz | West Coast FC
David Ruiz | Real So Cal White
Jezrael Saiko | Albion SC White
Javier Sanchez | Oxnard Pal AC
Andres Sandoval | Fullerton Rangers White
Juan Sauceda | Oxnard Pal AC
Christian Sevilla | West Coast FC
Raymond Shay | San Diego SC Elite Navy
Addison Simis | West Coast FC
Ian Smith | Strikers FC - Irvine
Henry Smith-Hastie | Santa Monica United
Jose Soler | FC Man United
Issac Soria | Pateadores LA
Sebastian Soto | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Jacob Sowder | Fullerton Rangers White
Tristan Sprague | FC Golden State White
Hunter Sweet | Albion SC White
Carlos Tamayo | Corona Eagles
Zachary Thorn | San Diego SC Elite Navy
Sebastian Torres | Blues YSC
John Trask | San Diego Surf White
Kevin Ulloa | Santa Barbara SC White
Leamzy Valdez | Olimpia
Arturo Vasquez | La Galaxy Youth Academy
Lance Weatherford | DMCV Sharks Gold
Tristan Weber | United Futbol Club Black
Evan Zamora | Oxnard PAL AC

Allison Adams | Legends
Stabile Alexandra | DMCV White
Gonzalez Amaya | Beach FC Black
Alyssia Anuat | San Diego United Black
Jillian Arriola | Exiles Black
Erin Atkinson | Beach FC
Jennifer Barroso | Arsenal FC
Amy Bishop | Legends FC
Jacqueline Bruder | Real So Cal White
Allyse Brummer | So Cal Blues
Sophia Bruno | Viking Fury
Mikayla Buscaino | So Cal Infinity Blue
Cecilia Cabrera | Arsenal FC
Aleea Caceres | Real So Cal White
Bianca Caetano-Ferrara | San Diego Surf White
Mackenna Calderon | Canyon FC
Sahira Cardenas | Celtic Harps
MacKenna Carmichael | La Verne Lazers
Sophia Ceman | Fram
Haley Collins | So Cal Blues
Allison Cook | West Coast FC
Sydney Cooper | Viking Fury
Maliamae Corpuz | Eagles Soccer Club
Valerie Cortez | Arsenal FC
Erin Covey | Arsenal FC
Sidney Crecy | San Diego United Black
Victoria Cue | Eagles SC
Luisa Delgado Heinz | Beach FC
Madelyn Desiano | So Cal Blues
Madelyn Diaz | So Cal Blues
Jackelyne Espinosa | Eagles SC
Victoria Esquival | Celtic Hoops
Daniella Fernandez | San Diego Surf White
Daniella Flores | LA Premier FC
Carly Flores | Viking Fury
Brenda Florian | Real So Cal White
Annabella Folino | West Coast
Teresa Fontenot | Eagles SC
Hayley Garriott | Beach FC
Gwyneth George | So Cal Blues
Skykar Giacobetti | Beach FC Black
Analisa Gjonovich | Beach FC Black
Sophia Daisy Gollis | West Coast FC
Miryam Gomez | C.V. United Rangers Red
Taylor Gomez | CSC San Diego
Taylor Gossein | Legends FC
Abigail Greubel | Slammers FC
Zoe Hasenauer | Real So Cal White
Ashley Herm | Beach FC Black
Natalie Hueston | Slammers FC
Nicole Hunter | Real So Cal White
Viana Isabella | Beach FC
Alexandra Jaquez | LA Premier FC
Emily Jauregui | Legends
Emily Johnson | Slammers FC
Shelby Kilroy | Cypress Elite
Amy Kirk | Wolfpack Soccer
Breegan Knudson | Beach FC
Ferryn Koss | Blues SC
Janae Lee | Legends FC
McFarland Leyla | CSC San Diego
Taylie Liddell | Eagles Soccer Club
Sanchez Lizeth | Albion White
Jesse Loren | Beach FC
Madison Louderback | So Cal Blues
Norma Lozano | Arsenal FC
Madison Lunde | CSC San Diego
Jalyn Lupo | Albion SC White
Destinee Manzo | FC Blades
Savannah Martinez | South Bay Force
Skyler Medel | Arsenal FC
Nolan Mendanca | CSC San Diego
Vanessa Millsaps | Viking Fury
Vanessa Morales | Canyon PSA
Angela Morales | La Verne Lazers
Nicole Mossmer | San Diego Surf
Molly Myers | FC Heat Blue
Rianna Oneill | San Diego SC Academy Navy
Jocelyn Pandoro | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Isabella Pariente | Real So Cal White
Aleenah Perez | Arsenal FC
Karli Potts | Slammers FC
Alessandra Ramirez | Beach FC
Aleesa Ramirez | Eagles SC
Rylee Rask | So Cal Blues
Natalie Regalado | So Cal Blues
Sydney Reid | Arsenal FC
Natalie Reynoso | Beach FC
Brianne Riley | So Cal Blues
Kiley Ritter | Real So Cal White
Sabrina Rivera | Arsenal FC
Mia Roth | Laguna Niguel
Siena Secrist | Slammers FC
Maya Serota | Exiles Black
Samantha Smigliani | DMCV Sharks White
Jaida Smith | Laguna Hills Eclipse White
Skylar Smith | So Cal Blues
Regina Solis | C.V. United Rangers Red
Madison Soto | Legends
Claire Struble | Blues SC
Sydney Studer | Empire
Kristen Szczepanek | Eagles SC
Renee Thomas | So Cal Blues
Amanda Torres | Real So Cal White
Amethyst Trang | La Verne Lazers
Lindsay Uteda | FC Golden State
Telusila Vunipola | Arsenal FC
Payton Walker | So Cal Blues
Julia Ware | West Coast FC
Elyse Waterhouse | San Diego Surf White
Trinity Watson | Albion SC White
Kayleigh Webb | Carlsbad Lightning Red
Logan Wells | San Diego Surf White
Ditte Wendelboe | Fram
Jaden Whitmarsh | San Diego Surf White
Maisie Whitsett | Albion SC White
Brooke Wilson | San Diego Surf White
Jessica Wright | San Diego Surf White
Nicole Zepeda | Chelsea Blue
Lyana Zimmerman | Notts Forest
Melissa Zuniga Garcia | Albion SC White

About Cal South ODP:
The Cal South Olympic Development Program (ODP) is an elite player identification program sanctioned through the United States Soccer Federation. Cal South's ODP is the most successful ODP program in the United States and has helped to identify past and present U.S. stars such as: Landon Donovan, Alex Morgan, Amy Rodriguez, Eric Wynalda, Julie Foudy, Joy Fawcett, Marcelo Balboa, Paul Caligiuri, Cobi Jones, Joe-Max Moore, Jovan Kirovski, John O'Brien, Carin Jennings, Sacha Kljestan, Jonathan Bornstein, Marvell Wynne, Nick Rimando, Maurice Edu, and Jennifer Lawlor. For more information regarding the ODP selection process, please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). To read more on the Cal South Olympic Development Program, please click here.