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julio 23, 2010

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  • UPDATED 11:57 AM - GU18 Laguna Hills Eclipse tops Eclipse Select, 1-0. Both teams reach finals on Sunday. Cal South ends up with four teams in the finals (see this weekend's schedule below)
  • UPDATED 11:50 AM - BU16 Slammers FC loses to RSL Florida, 1-0, but will face them again in the final on Sunday due to having defeated Michigan on Wednesday, with whom they were tied at 6 points in the group.
  • UPDATED 10:20 AM - BU15 Albion White shuts out Baltimore, 2-0. Tied for 2nd with Michigan's Vardar; Albion advances to finals on PKs over Vardar. They will meet Baltimore again in the final on Saturday night.
  • UPDATED 8:07 AM - GU17 So Cal Blues Dodge defeats Texas-North, 2-1 to end up with 3 wins and first in their group. So Cal Blues will now meet the Syosset Sting Elite of New York-East in the finals. The other two Cal South teams in the GU17 group, Slammers FC and Real So Cal White, both won their matches this morning, but ended up out of the finals.
  • UPDATE 8:00 AM - BU17 West Coast FC wins last preliminary match 3-0 over New York-East, but ends up 1-1-1 in group, finishing fourth and out of the finals

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (July 23, 2010) - UPDATED 11:57 AM - Live scoring updates from Day Three of the 2010 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which take place in Overland Park, Kansas from July 21-25. There will be three days of preliminary matches, followed by the finals for each group, spread out over Saturday and Sunday, July 24 and 25. Cal South teams accumulated 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in Day Two preliminary action. To see the full Day One scoreboard,.click here. For Day Two, click here.


  • BU15 - Albion FC White (National League champion)
  • BU16 - Slammers FC (Far West Regional champion)
  • BU17 - West Coast FC (Far West Regional champion)
  • GU17 - Real So Cal White (Far West Regional champion)
  • GU17 - So Cal Blues Dodge (National League champion)
  • GU17 - Slammers FC (National League runner-up)
  • GU18 - Laguna Hills Eclipse White (Far West Regional champion)

Cal South provided subsidies of $10,000 each to its seven teams (U14 to U19) attending the National Championships. Four of the Cal South teams recently won championship trophies at the US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals, while the remaining three teams earned their spots via their play in the US Youth Soccer National League competition. Following the conclusion of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Far West Regionals and the Region IV Presidents Cup competitions last month, Cal South announced it was donating over $150,000 in subsidies to its total of thirteen teams attending the National Finals of both events, as well as aiding its pair of U23 teams heading for the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) U23 National Cup, which is being held in conjunction with the National Championships this week here in Overland Park. (The adult team subsidies will be made in conjunction with the USASA). The $150,000 figure also includes whatever entry fees needed to be made for qualifiers for these events, and pushes Cal South's total dedication to its participating teams this year to well over $350,000. Cal South previously donated over $210,000 in late May to 47 youth and 7 adult teams attending the regional championships for these events.

Live scoring updates for this event will continue through the weekend here on You can also click here to see a full schedule and scores on the official event site.


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Three | Friday, July 23, 2010
8:00 AM GU14 Columbia United Premier (MD) 0 vs. Foothill MVLA Lightning (CA-N) 4
8:00 AM GU14 Sting (TX-N) ...0... vs. Michigan Hawks Black (MI) ...1...
8:00 AM BU17 St. Louis Scott Gallagher Premier (MO) 2 vs. Penn Fusion Soccer Academy (PA-E) 0
8:00 AM BU17 Hicksville Strikers (NY-E) 0 vs. West Coast FC (Cal South) 3
8:00 AM BU17 GSA Phoenix Red (GA) 1 vs. Alpharetta Ambush Red (GA) 1
8:00 AM GU17 So Cal Blues Dodge (Cal South) 2 vs. D'Feeters (TX-N) 1
8:00 AM GU17 Syosset Sting Elite (NY-E) 1 vs. Slammers FC (Cal South) 2
8:00 AM GU17 Michigan Hawks (MI) 1 vs. Real So Cal White (Cal South) 4
8:00 AM GU19 Lonestars Red (TX-S) 1 vs. FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E) 0
8:00 AM GU19 S. Alameda County Northstars (CA-N) 2 vs. Eclipse Select (IL) 2
10:00 AM BU14 Lehigh Valley United (PA-E) 0 vs. Lonestar Red (TX-S) 2
10:00 AM BU14 Eclipse Select (IL) 3 vs. Crossfire Premier (WA) 1
10:00 AM BU15 Baltimore Bays Chelsea (MD) 0 vs. Albion White (Cal South) 2
10:00 AM BU15 Vardar (MI) 2 vs. Concorde Fire Elite (GA) 0
10:00 AM BU15 Lemont Raiders (IL) 0 vs. Mt. Hamilton PAC Tigres (CA-N) 2
10:00 AM GU15 Dallas Texans (TX-N) 1 vs. Real Colorado National (CO) 0
10:00 AM GU15 Sting (TX-N) 0 vs. Scorpions Elite (MA) 0
10:00 AM GU15 JB Marine Wipke (MO) 0 vs. Beadling (PA-W) 1
10:00 AM BU18 YMS Xplosion (PA-E) 0 vs. Eastside United FC Liverpool Red (OR) 4
10:00 AM BU18 TUSA Gold (NC) 0 vs. Shattuck-St. Marys (MN) 4
12:00 PM BU16 Grand Rapids Crew Jrs (MI) 1 vs. Waza FC Black (MI) 2
12:00 PM BU16 PSC Coppa (PA-E) 0 vs. Blast FC (OH-S) 3
12:00 PM BU16 Slammers FC (Cal South) 0 vs. RSL Florida (FL) 1
12:00 PM GU16 Solar Red (TX-N) 3 vs. NASA 12 Elite II (GA) 0
12:00 PM GU16 McLean MPS Strikers (VA) 1 vs. Minnesota Thunder Academy Blue (MN) 0
12:00 PM GU16 NSA Premier Fury (IL) 3 vs. Colorado Rush Nike (CO) 1
12:00 PM GU18 Laguna Hills Eclipse (Cal South) 1 vs. Eclipse Select (IL) 0
12:00 PM GU18 McLean MPS Dragons (VA) 1 vs. AFC Lightning (GA) 3
12:00 PM BU19 FC Delco Hammerheads (PA-E) 1 vs. Crew Juniors (OH-S) 1
12:00 PM BU19 WSM Internationals (OR) 4 vs. Andromeda Navy (TX-N) 1


CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES | Saturday, July 24, 2010
Time Bracket Home Team Score Away Team Score
5:30 PM GU14 Sting (TX-N) vs. Michigan Hawks Black (MI)
5:45 PM GU15 Sting (TX-N) vs. Scorpions Elite (MA)
6:00 PM BU14 Eclipse Select (IL) vs. Crossfire Premier (WA)
6:15 PM BU15 Baltimore Bays Chelsea (MD) vs. Albion White (Cal South)
8:00 PM BU19 FC Delco Hammerheads (PA-E) vs. Crew Juniors (OH-S)
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES | Sunday, July 25, 2010
7:30 AM GU18 Laguna Hills Eclipse (Cal South) vs. Eclipse Select (IL)
7:45 AM BU18 Eastside United FC Liverpool Red (OR) vs. Shattuck-St. Marys (MN)
8:00 AM BU17 Alpharetta Ambush Red (GA) vs. St. Louis Scott Gallagher Premier (MO)
8:15 AM GU19 Eclipse Select (IL) vs. Lonestars Red (TX-S)
8:30 AM GU17 So Cal Blues Dodge (Cal South) vs. Syosset Sting Elite (NY-E)
10:15 AM GU16 Solar Red (TX-N) vs. McLean MPS Strikers (VA)
10:30 AM BU16 RSL Florida (FL) vs. Slammers FC (Cal South)