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junio 22, 2010

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (June 21, 2010) - UPDATED 5:45 PM - Live scoring updates from Day One of the 2010 US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Far West Regionals. Preliminary matches for the Far West Regionals take place from Monday, June 21 through Wednesday, June 23, with each team in each age bracket playing three matches. Quarterfinal matches will be held on Friday, June 25, semi-finals on Saturday, June 26, and the champions will be named after the finals matches are contested on Sunday, June 27.

Cal South's record after the opening day of the preliminaries stands at 22 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses. For all of the scores from Day One, please click here.

Cal South has a total of 33 teams entered in the tournament. Cal South has donated over $200,000 thus far to their participants in both the Far West Regionals and the Region IV Presidents Cup that just concluded this past weekend. Sixteen of Cal South's Far West Regional participants are the winning teams in each age and gender division at the 2010 Cal South National Cup, the traditional means of reaching the Far West Regionals. Seventeen other wild card teams have been selected this year, some as winners in the 2010 spring season of the Far West Regional League, some earned theirs spots as champions in the Far West Regional fall 2009 season, while the remainder were chosen through the Region IV draw process. Regional champions in the U14 to U19 age groups will move on to the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series National Championships, to be held in Overland Park, Kansas from July 18-25, 2010.

Be sure to keep checking back here throughout the tournament to keep up with your favorite teams. You can also go to for a full flight breakdown and schedule overview.


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Two | Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Time Bracket Home Team Score Away Team Score
8:00 AM GU12 Alaska Rush (AK) 0 vs. Arsenal FC (CS) 11
8:00 AM GU16 Legends FC (CS) 0 vs. Crossfire Premier (WA) 1
8:00 AM GU16 Santa Clara Sporting (CN) 2 vs. Slammers FC (CS WC) 4
8:00 AM GU16 San Diego Surf White (CS WC) 5 vs. Oregon Rush Nike (OR) 0
8:00 AM BU17 Blue Knights Premier (UT) 1 vs. United FC (CS WC) 3
8:00 AM GU18 Laguna Hills Eclipse (CS) 0 vs. La Roca Premier (UT WC) 0
8:00 AM GU18 Electric City Thunderboltz (MT) 0 vs. Real So Cal White (CS WC) 7
9:30 AM BU12 Willamette United Arsenal (OR) 0 vs. Santa Barbara SC (CS) 5
9:30 AM BU12 Legends FC (CS WC) 4 vs. Abunai (HI) 2
10:00 AM BU15 Albion FC (CS WC) 3 vs. LAFC Chelsea (CS) 0
10:00 AM BU17 Gilbert Arsenal Premier (AZ) 2 vs. West Coast FC (CS) 2
10:00 AM BU17 Real So Cal White (CS WC) 4 vs. TPSL Marin FC Blue (CN) 1
10:00 AM GU18 Hawaii Rush Nike (HI) 1 vs. San Diego Surf White (CS WC) 3
10:00 AM BU19 Colorado Rush Nike (CO) 1 vs. Albion FC (CS) 0
11:00 AM BU13 LAFC Chelsea (CS) 14 vs. PVSC Premier (ID) 0
12:00 PM BU15 Pikes Peak Rush Nike (CO WC) 4 vs. Select Cities Boca Jr. (CS WC) 1
12:00 PM GU17 Pride Predators (CO WC) 1 vs. So Cal Blues (CS WC) 1
12:00 PM GU17 Emerald City FC Green (WA) 1 vs. Real So Cal White (CS) 2
12:30 PM GU13 San Diego Surf White (CS) 4 vs. Coeur d'Alene Sting (ID) 0
2:00 PM BU14 Guadalajara Chivas (CO) 3 vs. Laguna Niguel SC Blue (CS WC) 5
2:00 PM GU15 Arsenal FC (CS) 3 vs. So Cal Blues (CS WC) 0
2:00 PM GU15 San Diego Surf White (CS WC) 3 vs. Albuquerque United FC Fusion (NM) 1
2:00 PM GU17 CISC Velocity (AK) 0 vs. San Diego Surf White (CS WC) 5
2:00 PM GU19 Black Diamond (UT) 1 vs. Slammers FC (CS) 4
3:30 PM BU14 West Coast FC (CS WC) 2 vs. Blackhawks (AZ) 3
3:30 PM BU14 South Coast Bayern (CS) 1 vs. Santa Clara Sporting (CN) 1
4:00 PM GU14 Arsenal FC (CS WC) 1 vs. Mustang Fury (CN) 4
4:00 PM GU14 West Coast FC (CS) 2 vs. Rio Vista FC (NM WC) 2
4:00 PM BU16 La Roca Premier (UT) 3 vs. Slammers FC (CS WC) 1
4:00 PM BU16 Boise Nationals Premier (ID) 2 vs. LAFC Chelsea (CS) 0
4:00 PM BU18 West Coast FC (CS) 0 vs. Sereno White (AZ WC) 1


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Three | Wednesday, June 23, 2010
8:00 AM BU12 Santa Barbara SC (CS) vs. Sparta Premier JK (UT)
8:00 AM BU12 Pikes Peak Rush Nike (CO WC) vs. Legends FC (CS WC)
8:00 AM BU15 Select Cities Boca Jr. (CS WC) vs. TSA Red (AZ)
8:00 AM BU15 LAFC Chelsea (CS) vs. Sereno South (AZ WC)
8:00 AM BU15 Cascade FC Atlas (OR) vs. Albion FC (CS WC)
8:00 AM GU15 FWU Reign Purple (WA) vs. San Diego Surf White (CS WC)
8:00 AM BU19 Albion FC (CS) vs. Sereno White (AZ)
9:30 AM GU12 Arsenal FC (CS) vs. Santa Clara Sporting Green (CN)
10:00 AM GU15 So Cal Blues (CS WC) vs. Leahi Premier (HI)
10:00 AM GU15 Mustang Blast (CN) vs. Arsenal FC (CS)
10:00 AM BU17 Cisco Black (AZ WC) vs. Real So Cal White (CS WC)
10:00 AM GU18 San Diego Surf White (CS WC) vs. Colorado Storm Academy Copa (CO)
10:00 AM GU18 Sereno White (AZ) vs. Laguna Hills Eclipse (CS)
11:00 AM GU13 THUSC United Mercury (OR) vs. San Diego Surf White (CS)
12:00 PM BU17 United FC (CS WC) vs. Real Colorado National (CO)
12:00 PM BU17 West Coast FC (CS) vs. Full Force SC (AK)
12:00 PM BU18 Coeur d'Alene Sting (ID) vs. West Coast FC (CS)
12:00 PM GU18 Real So Cal White (CS WC) vs. THUSC United Neon (OR)
12:30 PM BU13 Rio Vista FC (NM) vs. LAFC Chelsea (CS)
2:00 PM GU14 Magic City (MT) vs. Arsenal FC (CS WC)
2:00 PM GU14 THUSC United Sodium (OR) vs. West Coast FC (CS)
2:00 PM BU16 LAFC Chelsea (CS) vs. NM Rush Argonauts (NM)
2:00 PM BU16 Slammers FC (CS WC) vs. Maui United (HI)
2:00 PM GU16 Les Bois (ID) vs. Legends FC (CS)
2:00 PM GU16 Slammers FC (CS WC) vs. San Diego Surf White (CS WC)
2:00 PM GU19 Slammers FC (CS) vs. Gilbert Arsenal Premier (AZ)
3:30 PM BU14 Santa Clara Sporting (CN) vs. West Coast FC (CS WC)
3:30 PM BU14 Blackhawks (AZ) vs. South Coast Bayern (CS)
4:00 PM BU14 Laguna Niguel SC Blue (CS WC) vs. Washington Premier FC Black (WA WC)
4:00 PM GU17 San Diego Surf White (CS WC) vs. Colorado Rush Nike (CO)
4:00 PM GU17 So Cal Blues (CS WC) vs. HSC Bulls (HI)
4:00 PM GU17 Real So Cal White (CS) vs. Rio Vista FC Riot (NM)