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mayo 04, 2009

Cal South launched a new look on the web today by introducing to its membership an updated, more user-friendly Cal The revised site went live at midnight. This is the first upgrade for the Cal South website since April 2005.

The revision was undertaken in part to reduce the number of clicks for visitors to find what they want. All of the features of the previous also exist on the new site, and the most heavily used parts of the site now have their own sections.

There are exciting new features, too, on the updated The "Connect" button gives Cal South members a number of different choices in how they can receive information directly from Cal South. These choices include e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. The latest videos and photos will give members the opportunity to show off their best efforts. The "Search" feature is also new, and will give visitors access to archived materials and quick links to what they want to find fast.

On the operating side, the new site signals a switch to using a content management system. This allows for easier updates and less reliance on coding or HTML. Cal South Webmaster and Senior Graphic Designer Sal Rahimi coordinated the site changeover and is very enthusiastic about the change. "The CMS means less time building pages and more spent on making content more informative and fun for our site visitors."

Cal South CEO John Weinerth likes the cleaner design and the reduced scrolling on the home page. "We've tried to streamline the site so that it isn't overwhelmed with lots of banners and add-ons. It loads fast and clean, and really puts the focus on the most important information of the day about Cal South."

Sales and Marketing Director Bill Lewis is really pleased with the result, but says there is more to come. "Our goal for the launch of the new site was to have all the content from the previous site available on day one of the new site. We have that, but what we're really looking forward to is adding new features that will make the site more useful and fun." Lewis, ever the wet blanket, also sounds a note of caution. "Every new launch, no matter how much time is spent trying to get it perfect, will have a few hiccups." Cal South asks that if you find any, please shoot us a note at "We want to know so we can get it straightened out for all the other users," says Lewis.

We invite you to enjoy the new look of!