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enero 17, 2006

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 17, 2006) - The Cal South Olympic Development Program continued its steady course of excellence at the 2006 US Youth Soccer ODP Regional Championships in Las Vegas yesterday, as it took home seven of eight possible championship trophies, putting the exclamation point on its dominance as the premier ODP program in the nation.

Going into Monday's action, Cal South had nine teams involved in the eight championship games, with two of its own teams facing each other in the Girls' 88-89 match, with the Cal South 89s narrowly defeating the 88s, 1-0. The Boys' 89 team fought Colorado to a 2-1 victory; the Boys' 91s spanked Nevada, 7-1; and the Boys' 92s shutout another Nevada squad, 3-0. Two more shutouts occurred when the Girls' 90s blanked Cal North, 1-0, and the Girls' 91s struck out Oregon's squad, 3-0. In the Girls' 92 match, Utah's single goal was clearly no match for the quartet of knocks that Cal South scored against them.

All told, Cal South racked up incredible statistics through the weekend, finishing with a goal differential of +131, scoring 151 goals against their opponents' 20 in 49 games played. Cal South's record finished at an amazing 40 wins, 6 ties and only 3 losses, with the only Girls' team loss coming against itself in the Girls' 88-89 match. In its 40 wins, Cal South shut out its rivals in 33 of the games; in the 15 games where Cal South teams scored four goals or more (not coincidentally, all wins), eleven of those games were also shutouts, including scores of 12-0, 8-0, 7-0 and three 6-0's.

The champions in the '88, '89 and '90 age brackets will now move on to the 2006 US Youth Soccer ODP National Championships, which will take place in Frisco, Texas, from March 16-19.

Cal South not only congratulates its teams that took Regional Championship titles, but all of its participating ODP teams for their awesome effort at the Regionals in Vegas! Now, onward to the ODP Nationals!