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marzo 01, 2005

New Phone System Upgrade Provides Direct-Connect for Cal South Members

FULLERTON, CA (March 1, 2005) - In a continuing effort to provide the Cal South membership with more efficient customer service, we have upgraded our phone system to provide each department and staff member with their own direct phone line. In the past, all calls needed to be routed to the appropriate staff member through the receptionist, sometimes causing a slight delay for the customer when call volume was high.

Our new improved phone system now enables you to go directly to the staff member with whom you wish to speak, getting your questions resolved in a timely manner.

If at any time you are unsure of what department needs to address your specific questions, the option of having the receptionist help direct your call is still available, by simply pressing zero.

The corporate numbers of 714.778.2972 and the toll-free option at 888.429.7276 are still intact, and all you will need to do is hit the new extensions to go directly to that individual OR simply dial each department directly.