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 Cal South Corporate Office Directory
Local 714.778.2972 Toll Free 888.429.7276 Extensions Fax 714.441.0715
John Weinerth Chief Executive Officer ext 1504
Brandy Buell Executive Assistant to the CEO ext 1556
Adrian Marquez Office Manager ext 1502
Lisa Wolfs
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant ext 1501
Membership Development
Luis Salcedo Director of Membership Development ext 1507
Adrian Ruelas Membership Development Coordinator ext 1551
League Account Management
(Registration, CORIS, eCerts & League Services)
Steve Marquez Director of Registration
& Senior League Account Manager
ext 1514
Jorge Sotelo League Account Manager:
Youth Leagues Districts 2, 3, 4
Bilingual Support
ext 1523
Anthony Morales

League Account Manager:
Adult Leagues
Youth Leagues Districts 1, 5, 6, 7
Bilingual Support

ext 1550
Risk Management 714.451.1518
714.451.1017 fax
Lila Smith Risk Management Committee Chair ext 3034
Alely Cruz Risk Management Coordinator ext 1505
PAD (Protest, Appeals & Discipline) 714.451.1522
Alely Cruz PAD Coordinator ext 1505
Bookkeeping 714.451.1526  
714.451.1016 fax 
Rebecca Nelson Full Charge Bookkeeper ext 1528
Salvador Dorado Accounts Receivable Specialist ext 1527
Chris Baxter Accounts Payable  ext 1529
Insurance 714.451.1530
Jorge Sotelo Accident Insurance Coordinator ext 1523
Anthony Morales Field Liability Coordinator (eCerts)
Adult Affiliate Insurance Coordinator
ext 1550
Marketing & Sales 714.451.1533
Bill Lewis Director of Marketing & Sales ext 1535
Logan Johnson Senior Graphic Designer ext 1537
Patrick Johnson Communications Manager
Cal South Soccer Magazine Editor
ext 1538
State Tournaments 714.451.1541
Jeff Dyrek Director of Tournaments & Competition ext 1520

State Tournaments Administrative Contacts    
Cal South Pro+
Information Hotline: 1.800.417.4391
Steve Hoffman Director of Player Development ext 1546
Kathy Hoffman Coordinator ext 1524
Dawn Harris
ODP Camps Assistant ext 1516
Coaching Education 714.451.1553
714.441.0725 fax
Steve Hoffman Director of Coaching Education ext 1546
Elliott Spruell Assistant Director of Coaching Education ext 1553
Laura Dudoit Member Services Education Specialist ext 1521
Sanctioned Tournaments  
Chris Zembik Sanctioned Tournaments ext 1532
Referee Education 714.451.1539
  Referee Education Coordinator    
Laura Dudoit  Member Services Education Specialist ext 1521 
Travel Requests  
Lisa Wolfs Travel Request Coordinator ext 1501
Human Resources
Rebecca Nelson Human Resources ext 1528
Additional Contacts
Paul Doty Protests, Appeals & Discipline Committee Chair 714.970.9465
Lila Smith Risk Management Committee Chair 888.429.7276
ext 3034
Sandy Castillo TOPSoccer Committee Chair 714.524.3354
David De Leon Cal South Soccer Foundation President 888.429.7276
ext 1575
Shirley Ramirez Cal South Soccer Foundation Director of Operations 888.429.7276
ext 1575