Cal South Committee Members

Cal South Board of Directors

  Executive Committee

Cindy Quan [Chair] Roy Carlson
Chris Haitz Johnnie Garza [Staff Liaison]

  Finance Committee

Luca Pacelli Mark Flahan
Louie De La Cruz

  Audit Committee

Roy Carlson [Chair] Lila Smith
Christie Paulson

  Bylaws, Rules and Policy Committee

Mark Flahan Humberto Jara
Luca Pacelli Jack Larkin
Louie De La Cruz

  Nominations, Elections and Credentials Committee

Christie Paulson [Chair] Mark Flahan
Louie De La Cruz

  Risk Management Committee

Lila Smith [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Cindy Quan Christie Paulson

  Player Release and Transfer Appeals Committee

Cindy Quan [Chair] Christie Paulson
Jack Larkin

  Protest, Appeals and Disciplinary Committee

Christie Paulson [Chair] Lila Smith
Jack Larkin Louie De La Cruz

  Affiliate Sanctioning Appeals Committee

Roy Carlson [Chair] Cindy Quan

  TOPSoccer Committee

Sandy Castillo [Chair] Cindy Quan
Christie Paulson Lila Smith

  Hall of Fame Committee

Christie Paulson [Chair] Roy Carlson
Jack Larkin

  State Cup Appeals Committee

Luca Pacelli [Chair] Louie De La Cruz
Jack Larkin

  Technical Coaches Committee

Steve Hoffman [Chair] Roy Carlson
Jack Larkin Luca Pacelli
Humberto Jara

  State Referee Committee

George Noujaim [Chair] Mark Flahan
Jack Larkin Luca Pacelli
Louie De La Cruz

  Womens Leadership Committee

Roy Carlson Cindy Quan

  Technology Committee

Luca Pacelli [Chair] Mark Flahan
Roy Carlson Jack Larkin

Urban Soccer Partnership

Joseph Mailander [Chair] Humberto Jara
Mick Muhlfriedel Tucker Carney

  Adult Task Force

Chris Haitz [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Lila Smith
Jack Larkin

  Field Development Task Force

Luca Pacelli [Chair] Jack Larkin