District 1 Team Try-Outs
DISTRICT 1: South San Diego County

ORANJE VOETBAL CLUB (East County, San Diego) - Our Girls 2002 Team is looking for a Goal Keeper and 2 Field Players to play Flight 1 this season. Please contact Head Coach and Club Director Will Vejar at (619) 822-8683 or vvoetbal@yahoo.com

Chula Vista Aztecs FC is in need of 3 players (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder) eager to help the club at the next Presidio Tournament. Chula Vista will play at the U17 Level, Competitive. For more information call Juan Perez 619-864-8987 or email juan@aztecssoccerclub.com

If you have an ad for a team try-out that you wish to place on CalSouth.com, please email your request to Carlos A Torres at ctorres@calsouth.com