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Concussions and Head Injuries 

The Cal South Board of Directors recognizes the need for increased awareness about concussions, head injuries and brain trauma. In order to assist Cal South's administrators, coaches, referees, parents and players, a number of resources are being made available. The links below are to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control. Their "Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports" initiative gives facts about concussions, signs and symptoms, suggestions for prevention and treatment. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this information....

Concussion Policy & Information
Concussion Policy (Rev. 2.2.2015) • Concussion Informational Sheet
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Heads Up Online Training Video Course
Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports [PDF] Atención: conmoción cerebral en el deporte juvenil

Information for Coaches [PDF] NEW!

Hoja informativa para los entrenadores
Information for Athletes [PDF] Hoja informativa para los atletas
Information for Parents [PDF] Hoja informativa para los padres
Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches [PDF]
Q&A on Concussions with Dr. Spangler [PDF]
Youth Athlete Concussion Tip Sheet [PDF]

Goal Safety Tips

It is vital that all coaches and team administrators be aware of the importance of goal safety.

Many injuries related to soccer do not occur on the field of play, but rather before and after games, and usually in the transport, improper placement or misuse of soccer goals.

To help our membership understand this important issue, please feel free to download and circulate the following PDF:

Kwik Goal Safety First Program Booklet (PDF 1.3MB)

This booklet includes:

• Myths vs. facts concerning soccer goals and soccer goal-related injuries
• Pre-match soccer goal checklist
• Post-match soccer goal suggestions
• Tips on anchoring goal systems and their proper use
• Soccer goal net safety
• Soccer goal purchasing guideline and checklist

Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety (PDF 238KB)

This booklet includes information on:

• Soccer goal injuries
• Rules
• Design/construction guidelines
• Anchoring/securing/counterweighting guidelines
• Goal storage guidelines

Bounce House Best Practices

Bounce houses are a popular part of soccer tournament culture, and there are many safety concerns that can be assuaged by following safety guidelines such as this best practices information from Cal South's insurance provider:

Considerations for use of Bounce Houses (PDF 726KB)

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