Policy Bulletins


Policy Bulletins have been developed to delineate requirements and provide guidance on various subjects within Cal South and its jurisdiction. These are tools of management to define the expectations of all Cal South members and affiliates and ensure consistent application of Cal South policy by affiliated members, Cal South committees, and the Cal South Corporate Office.

Cal South Policy Bulletins are issued by the Cal South Board of Directors as a means of making internal expectations clear to Cal South members and affiliates The Cal South Board of Directors may also issue Cal South Addenda to national or regional policy bulletins in order to provide specific local guidance.

Each policy bulletin will contain a sequential number, subject, and effective date, and will state to whom the bulletin applies, its purpose, and the specific policy. Each policy bulletin shall be signed by the Cal South President after approval by the Cal South Board of Directors. When appropriate, policy bulletins may contain other information, such as background, details on a procedure or process, or the future disposition of the policy.


Policy Date Policy# Policy Topic (click to download PDF)
5/1/2010 CSP-001 Cal South Policy Bulletins Announcement