Registered Officials List


2014 Registered Officials List
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The Registered Officials Lists shown above provide a listing of all currently registered referees. If your name appears on the list, then you are cleared to referee matches in Cal South. To officiate youth matches, you must show up as "Approved" in the Risk Management Status column of the list.


With the new online system, the registration process to receive the USSF ID card has changed. The process is as follows:

1) Cal South will process your registration approximately 3 weeks after the date of your clinic.
Cal South will then export a bi-monthly (every other month) report that will be sent to U.S. Soccer for completion and mailing of your ID card.
U.S. Soccer's time frame for mailing the ID card is approximately 2 months.
            - Reports are being exported at the end of: September, November, January, March, May, etc.
3) In conclusion, your USSF ID card may take a maximum of four months to receive.


Please note:
- If you need information of the status of your USSF ID card, please contact Laura Dudoit at
      ** If your name does not have a USSF ID number that is because your name has not been turned in to USSF. Once submitted in the report, your ID Number will be generated.
- If your name is on the list and "Approved" is not marked next to your name and you have gone through the Risk Management process, you will have to contact the Risk Management department at to check the status. 

For questions about referee registration, please email  Laura Dudoit.