AYSO/USSF Cross Certification Policy

Cross-certification is available to referees of AYSO and U.S. Soccer who have been certified as referees for six months or more and who are not certified with both organizations. All games officiated for AYSO or U.S. Soccer may be applied toward the certification requirements of either AYSO or U.S. Soccer. The diagonal system of control is the only recognized system of control.

AYSO Referee Certification Level U.S. Soccer Referee Certification Level
Regional Referee (no cross-certification) Grade 9 (no cross-certification)
Intermediate Referee to USSF Grade 8 Grade 8 to AYSO Regional
Advanced Referee to USSF Grade 8 Grade 7 to AYSO Intermediate
National Referee to USSF Grade 8 Grade 6 (and above) to AYSO Advanced

If you were previously a referee with USSF, you do not qualify for the crossover. This is only for referees that have never been a referee within U.S. Soccer. The AYSO Crossover is a one-time thing. Once you crossover to U.S. Soccer, you will have to maintain the annual renewal requirements with USSF to keep your current grade.

Once your name is on our registered officials listed posted on the Cal South website under the referee tab, you can begin to referee games. For game assignments, you will need to get together with a referee association in your area and talk to an Assignor. For a listing of referee associations, click here.

In order to officiate youth games, all Cal South referees aged 18 and up must be Live Scanned to comply with Cal South Kidsafe Risk Management Program. It can take up to 14 business days to get approval back from the California Department of Justice. A referee aged 18 and older cannot get any youth game assignments until this is approved. To download the form, click here. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Wolfs at lwolfs@calsouth.com.

Information regarding the requirements and required signatures can be found on the crossover form which can be downloaded by clicking the link below. You must fill out the AYSO/USSF Cross Certification Form and have it signed. You must then pay the registration fee online here. Form must then be sent to refereeregistration@calsouth.com or mailed to the address below. If paying with check, please forward the form along with the $55.00 registration fee. If you have any further questions, you can contact Laura Dudoit at ldudoit@calsouth.com.


Please send BOTH forms to:

Laura Dudoit
Cal South Referee Registration
1029 S. Placentia Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831