Cal South Pro+ Information Hotline

Cal South Pro+ Information Hotline

The most current information for each age group can be found by calling the Pro+ Information Hotline at 1.800.417.4391.

It is each player's responsibility to check the Pro+ Information Hotline before leaving for training or events.

Each player pool/age group has its own special extension when you call the Pro+Information Hotline:

Pro+ Information Hotline: 1.800.417.4391
Call before leaving for any Cal South event.
Boys Dial . Girls Dial
1998 Ext. 503 1998 Ext. 508
1999 Ext. 502 1999 Ext. 507
2000 Ext. 501 2000 Ext. 506
2001 Ext. 505 2001 Ext. 510
2002 Ext. 504 2002 Ext. 509


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