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Cal South Pro+ Girls I.D. Camp 2014

Cal South Pro+ ODP 2015 Winter Pools 1999, 2000, 2001 Age Groups
Updated 11/17/15

Cal South Pro+/ODP Program Winter Pool 2015-2016

Training Schedules

Click below for girls schedule:

1999/2000/2001 Girls Training Schedule

Check the Cal South Pro+/ODP Information Line before leaving for an event.  1-800-417-4391 

 2001 Girls  #510 /2000 Girls  #506 /1999 Girls  #507

Click below for boys schedule:

1999/2000/2001 Boys Training Schedule

           Check the Cal South Pro+/ODP Information Line before leaving for an event.  1-800-417-4391          

2001 Boys  #505 /2000 Boys  #501 /1999 Boys  #502