ODP Pools Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the many inquiries that we have received as to how the ODP Winter Pools are selected, Cal South would like to provide our Members with this FAQ regarding the selection process:

Q: How is the Winter Pool selected?

A: We use the summer Regional Camp to evaluate players and we scout recommended players in league play.

Q: Why are the Winter Pools numbers so small?

A: The Winter Pools will be preparing to compete in the US Youth Soccer ODP Regionals in January and in the US Youth Soccer ODP National Championships in March. Our coaches need to be focused on preparing a team to be successful at the event, and not evaluating large pools at the winter training sessions.

Q: How do you plan on scouting over the next 5 months?

A: We will scout State Cup, National Cup and player recommendations with every resource we have available and will invite up to 46 players into our Spring Pools.

Q: How can a player get scouted?

A: A player can be recommended to be scouted by the following people filling out an Online Player Recommendation Form:

  • A club coach

  • A club Director of Coaching/Technical Director

  • An opposing coach

  • A National Staff Coach

  • A Regional Staff Coach

  • A Cal South Staff Coach

Q: Can a private trainer or parent recommend a player?

A: No, a parent coach must ask another coach to recommend his/her player.

Q: Can anyone come and watch the state teams train?

A: Yes. All of our training sessions are open to the public to attend. We will have the times, sites and dates posted on our website.

Q: How can a coach get involved in the ODP Program?

A: Each year from March 31 to April 30, we except applications for the following positions: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches,Scouts, ODP Camp Staff and Coaching Education Staff Coaches.

Q: If I have any questions, who should I contact?

A: Steve Hoffman is our Director of Coaching Education and Player Development. You can contact him by e-mail at shoffman@calsouth.com or by phone at 805.331.1522.

Q: Does Cal South actively seek funds to offset ODP Fees?

A: Yes. Here's how:

  • $10 per team (55 cents per player) ODP competitive tournament fee. This money is used to offset cost of training and traveling to the summer Regional Evaluation event.

  • ODP summer camps.

100% of the net profit from ODP camps goes directly to offset program needs, and serves to make the ODP program more self-sufficient.

  • Private tax-deductible donations that sponsor a player within our program.

  • Corporate Sponsorship program.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and are issued to players who apply for financial help in the program.

In closing, we would like to add that all of our player pools are active year round, and players can be added and released at the beginning of each pool cycle. We have two cycles in a year: Cycle One is in the summer, with the purpose of identifying as many elite players as possible with potential to make a Region or National team over the following couple of years; Cycle Two is in the winter, with the purpose of identifying a smaller pool of players to compete for National/Regional Championships. When pool players are released, they will be continuously evaluated for future inclusion in the pools. All players are scouted in their natural playing environment: their club games!